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  1. As the resident PowerUser (tm), I have been the only evernote user among my coworkers up through the years. So yes, sharing via email has been the only way to use evernote as a cooperation tool with ppl who neither have an evernote acc, nor wish to get one.
  2. This would be an acceptable solution for those of us who rely on being able to share info stored in evernote.
  3. Any kind of sharing via evernote's internal systems means making the email address of my coworker available for evernote. As note collaboration still is an essential part of the program, I sincerely doubt that GDPR has anything to do with the decision to drop share by email. To the contrary, Evernote has slowly and steadlily worked towards user lock-in, preferring to force also those who receive notes to become evernote users. I find this quite rude, and so does my coworkers. So for me, after 12+ years as a faithful customer, I have started to look for alternative solutions.
  4. Not being able to mail notes to coworkers is a total dealbreaker for me, as well.
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