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  1. Jack, is there a time schedule on restoring the "send a copy by mail" on to the new Evernote release?
  2. The short term solution: quickly switching back to the previous version. That still has this (for many) essential send email copy functionality. Who ever thought / decided "cleaning up" this would help Evernote, probably skipped customer satisfaction in the trade-off. I'll try & live with the new interface, as soon as the send e-mail copy is back, not before. If it is not restored, and the old version disabled, I'll switch to Onenote. I'll not learn to live without it.
  3. Hi Jack, I cannot force everybody that I send an e-mail copy to, to take an evernote account. Just leaving out this essential functionality for paying customers that rely on it for years, is not the kind customer focus that is going to make Evernote successful. My employer offers me Onenote as part of office, but I've sticked to Evernote. Don't push me (and many others) out with strategies that have customer satisfaction way down the priority list.
  4. I'm sharing 15-20 meeting notes a week with global colleagues via e-mail over the last 4 years. It is very important for my personal administration. I could not believe my eyes this morning when is was out. 😲 Luckily I could switch back to the previous version. -> Please restore -share via e-mail- functionality ASAP in new versions as soon as possible. 👍 or at least as long as I can use the previous version. Otherwise I have to find another solution & I don't want that!
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