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  1. Hello friends, Did I get this wrong or did Evernote disable this feature in free account? Thanks Michael
  2. Nevermind, working now. Probably was temporary malfunction. Thanks
  3. Never mind, I missed the ability to collapse the Reminders... Good job, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reminders, guys! One thing - I created a note with things I want to do for my next birthday which is in one year from a weak ago... And this note shows up first in a list, although I want it to appear only on the reminder s date. I don't wasn't to see it on the top of my list every time. Anything you can do about? Thanks, Michael
  5. So watsup with new legal page? Any important changes or "small letters"?
  6. Guys, Just bought Notability for iPad.... Evernote, I really love you, I was loyal for more than a year and a half. Springpad didn't do this to me.... But NOTABILITY... WOW... Typing, handwriting, pictures embedded, audio recording, colors, flexibility, pdf... And it is soooo intuitively simple... Evernote, please say you have this coming soon: handwriting, handwriting on embedded pictures - it is so useful for meeting notes... Please say you are replacing the evercrashing iPad version with something more than cardex view Guys, iPad has to be your top priority, this is The tool for professionals. Having Notability for a week I have gone COMPLETELY PAPERLESS. It still lacks the Tags system for me to implement GTD as Evernote allows, thats the big minus, but they've promised it's on the design board Guys, I LOVE EVERNOTE and I also love competition. Please, improve, you have to and you can, too! Good luck! Michael
  7. Good that I played with it some more... When taking a picture note - it suddenly took almost one minute, when I added the second picture (also waited a long time) and pressed "Done" - it closed but said "Note not changed" When I opened the note again - the second picture was gone. When I took it again (also took a long time) and pressed Done - the screen went black. Since there was no sign of life - I restarted the phone Is the slow reaction has to do with syncing problem? I'd rather give up all the latest "very nice to have" features, but keep the syncing speed superfast - it's a must when notetaking I'm sure you'll fix everything Thanks Michael PS Tried again after restart - works fast - as usual...
  8. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Well done! Just a couple of issues: -cannot open notes from widget - shows all the notebooks instead of a specific note; - when choosing place on the map - is it possible to add satellite view? Thanks a lot, you are AMAZING! Michael
  9. Thanks a lot for fixing the search this fast You guys are THE BEST!
  10. Thanks a lot for fixing the search this fast You guys are THE BEST!
  11. Thanks a lot for fixing the search this fast You guys are THE BEST!
  12. Same here... Search notes just doesn't work... It shows all the notes... I am sure they ll fix it right away - it's too important feature...
  13. Great new features! Thanks again! Since the last release though, the search is not working... I get all the notes regardless of the search word... Please take a look Thank you
  14. Hi, I am looking for the most efficient way to keep a travel journal. Usually every weekend I go traveling or camping with my son or friends. I am looking for some best practices to keep the trips' journal so that there are these features: 1. Pictures with geo-tags - with possibility to write comments 2. Map with all the places' marks I've visited on that trip 2.a Optional - map with ALL the places I've visited 3. Sharing feature (like blog) 4. GPS tracks shown on maps - optional 5. Calendar tracking - so I can easily find where we've been on a certain weekend Will appreciate any thoughts and ways you guys keep such notes Thanks Michael Shparber
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