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  1. Nevermind, working now. Probably was temporary malfunction. Thanks
  2. Guys, Just bought Notability for iPad.... Evernote, I really love you, I was loyal for more than a year and a half. Springpad didn't do this to me.... But NOTABILITY... WOW... Typing, handwriting, pictures embedded, audio recording, colors, flexibility, pdf... And it is soooo intuitively simple... Evernote, please say you have this coming soon: handwriting, handwriting on embedded pictures - it is so useful for meeting notes... Please say you are replacing the evercrashing iPad version with something more than cardex view Guys, iPad has to be your top priority, this is The tool for professionals. Having Notability for a week I have gone COMPLETELY PAPERLESS. It still lacks the Tags system for me to implement GTD as Evernote allows, thats the big minus, but they've promised it's on the design board Guys, I LOVE EVERNOTE and I also love competition. Please, improve, you have to and you can, too! Good luck! Michael
  3. Hi, Is there an intention to add mind-mapping capabilities to Evernote? It would be so cool to use mapping for brainstorming and also to see some notes connected as a mind map! Thank you very much! Michael Shparber
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