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  1. I genuinly want to love and use evernote. But I can't. It's just so unreliable lately... I can't write some small text without the program just freezing on me every single time I right click on anything. I have a very powerful ASUS laptop that can edit 4K footage and play the most demanding video games. Yet... evernote makes the system freeze or crash. I just can't handle it anymore. The new features are always welcome but not at the cost of performance. I just don't see why would anyone pay a premium for a app that doesn't deliver in it's most important selling point: a fast, secure and reliable place to store all your notes. Evernote used to be my go to place to save anything I had on my mind. Now I literally use Google keep while I write my notes and them later store them in my evernote. I would greatly benefit in having more than two devices... but untill the whole performance and bugs things is resolve for good I'm sticking to the basic free plan. I already invested a lot of my thought process into evernote. I just don't want to go trough the process of moving to a different app when I already have a functional system. I honestly wish the best of luck to the developers behind evernote. Worse case escenario. I'll be forced to just move to some other app that just works. :'(
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