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  1. If you use the Evernote web clipper and use the 'simplified article' which converts the article then it appears normally in Evernote. When you use the regular 'article' option to clip then it appears like I've shown. Also, when transferring from Pocket it also shows up the same way it does when you choose the regular 'article' option.
  2. Whether I import an article with Pocket and move it over to Evernote or whether I use Evernote's web clipper, if I use ANY of the new modern Evernote clients (iOS, iPadOS, Windows, Mac) it seems to identify the import as a 'web clip' and shove it into a VERY narrow column on the screen. Whether I'm looking at it on my phone or an iPad or on a laptop screen, the clipped article is pushed into about 1/3rd the space of the screen. HOWEVER If I try and look at those same imported article imports on the Legacy Evernote client, they look perfectly fine! The dark images were from my iPad using the latest Evernote client. The light images were from a Windows 10 machine using the Evernote Legacy client. Same articles, different clients. And it happens with *ANY* article that is imported from Pocket OR clipped with the Evernote web clipper. This seems unintentional so I put it in the bug section. Also, I could fine NO client option that would fix this problem. Something tells me that this is a bug. Jandus
  3. I have multiple different iOS and iPadOS devices that all experience the same 'stutters' or 'jumps' as you flick through the list of notes. All devices are running 14.6.
  4. I have multiple iOS devices that were updated with the very latest Evernote application. There is a VERY apparent visual glitch that happens on all my devices when I scroll through my notes list. It’s as if the scrolling ‘jumps’ and then tries to correct itself. Very annoying. Evernote version is in the title.
  5. Been using this app religiously on my iPhone SE (2016), iPad Air 2 and my iPad Mini 5 (all on iOS and iPadOS 14). On all devices it's SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the previous version of the Evernote application. I'm most surprised with the performance of the app on the iPad Mini 5 since the A12 Bionic should easily be able to chew through search and display tasks but yet goes incredibly slow. Jandus
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