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  1. The way EN works, you should assume that ALL of your info was downloaded and/or saved. When you log in, it’s just a click to see any notebook or note and it loads it all - it wouldn’t take more than a min or two to copy/paste or even export/save some or all pages. It’s not like individual files that have to be retrieved individually. Assume it’s all been skimmed. I too got a notice some time ago; maybe 18 months ago now.
  2. To be clear, the current latest EN is NOT yet compatible and if you upgrade it won’t work. You can’t even log in. I get simply “Service Error” when attempting to log in. Same un/pwd works fine in web and “Legacy” versions. This seems absurd but .... Now that Big Sur is final and released, I fully expect the software I pay for the be updated to all me to use it.
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