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  1. I've asked for this several times ever since EN came on iOS. Just a little icon along with the strip of text formatting controls (bold, italic, tick box etc) would be perfect - from the date into anything you are typing. Suitable date format could be varied in settings to suit nationality etc. yes please again....
  2. Temporary workspace (TWS) A place to put several Evernote notes at the same time while wanting quick access to them all. Cooking is a good example. Choose the recipes for a meal and put them into the TWS (I suggest add an option to the ‘up-arrow’ send-to tool - ‘workspace....’). This wouldn’t involve any new tags or moving folders. When doing the cooking all the correct recipes would be together in the TWS so that you could skip backwards and forwards without any searching. When the cooking is over, clear the TWS and everything is back where it started. Currently, when selecting recipes, I give each recipe a tag ‘xxx’ and then use a saved search to achieve something similar but not very convenient and the tags have to be reset at the end.
  3. I agree - I often copy text from another application to paste into an existing EN note. I then want to re-format the new text to fit in with the old. on Mac I can generally copy style of existing using alt/cmd/C and then highlight the new text and use alt/cmd/V. Such facility would be very good in EN
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