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  1. I've asked for this several times ever since EN came on iOS. Just a little icon along with the strip of text formatting controls (bold, italic, tick box etc) would be perfect - from the date into anything you are typing. Suitable date format could be varied in settings to suit nationality etc. yes please again....
  2. Temporary workspace (TWS) A place to put several Evernote notes at the same time while wanting quick access to them all. Cooking is a good example. Choose the recipes for a meal and put them into the TWS (I suggest add an option to the ‘up-arrow’ send-to tool - ‘workspace....’). This wouldn’t involve any new tags or moving folders. When doing the cooking all the correct recipes would be together in the TWS so that you could skip backwards and forwards without any searching. When the cooking is over, clear the TWS and everything is back where it started. Currently, when selecting recipes, I give each recipe a tag ‘xxx’ and then use a saved search to achieve something similar but not very convenient and the tags have to be reset at the end.
  3. I agree - I often copy text from another application to paste into an existing EN note. I then want to re-format the new text to fit in with the old. on Mac I can generally copy style of existing using alt/cmd/C and then highlight the new text and use alt/cmd/V. Such facility would be very good in EN
  4. I appreciate that this topic has been aired before - is there any update? I regularly use ALT/CMD C and V on Mac to copy the format of an element and paste it to another (using Pages, Numbers etc etc). The same shortcut would be wonderful in EN
  5. thanks for the advice and it partially answers the question. Having made the link as you suggest, when I then click on the link in EN it displays the app in Finder but doesn't launch it - any ideas?
  6. Is it possible to launch a 3rd party app from an Evernote note? I have a note which helps me schedule my guitar practice sessions - it has headings like 'Theory', 'technique', 'backing tracks' etc. I have various applications which support my learning - books on Kindle, apps which help with chord structures etc. It would be good for example if, against a heading 'Theory' I could include a link (?) which, on clicking, launched my Kindle app. I already use links to other EN notes and to external web pages - this would be similar but would apply to other applications on my Mac any takers?
  7. Understood - yes this may be my answer - true also in Mac - thanks jefito
  8. Assume I'm in Inbox and create a new note as it comes to mind. I then decide to give that note suitable tags and decide in which notebook it should finally reside rather than Inbox ... The moment I change the notebook to something other than Inbox, the note vanishes (because I'm still in Inbox). Is there a more convenient approach to this - I often want to stay in the note and make further changes even though I have decided to allocate it to the right notebook. Currently I make the change and then have to go looking for the same note again so I can continue editing. Am I missing something?
  9. Problem is still present in Skitch Version 2.7.1 (263292)
  10. Yes PLEASE give support for Pogo Connect in Penultimate - I use it all the time in Paper and it feels really clunky when I want to use Penultimate
  11. Does Skitch only print in portrait mode - I use skitch on mac with HP printer and when the print dialogue appears there is no option to select the page orientation. When printing from other apps I usually have a couple of icons in the dialogue which allow me to switch portrait/landscape. It would be good to be able to choose orientation and perhaps the degree of magnification 'fill page', 75% etc etc
  12. If I'm editing a note in a notebook, say 'tasks', and I decide it would be better kept in a notebook 'projects', I change the notebook and frequently find myself editing a completely different note before I realise that the original note HAS MOVED to 'projects' but I haven't, so I'm now looking at a different note in 'tasks'. I think it would be more intuitive to assume that, if I'm editing a particular note, I should stay with it. This would mean that EN, after my editing of the notebook, would switch me to that notebook - leaving me in the same task. Currently it stays in the original notebook but switches me into a different note - I have often found myself editing tags etc. in the wrong note because I haven't noticed the original one has gone (to its new notebook). or is it just my brain that is strange?
  13. Forgive me if this is an old chestnut....... I would love to be able to highlight some or all of the content of a text note and choose to sort its paragraphs alphabetically - useful if I have a list of todo's with a date at the front eg 110217 - go to the moon 110222 - come back etc etc
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