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  1. As a developer I must applaud you on what a fine product Evernotes has become. It has evolved into an indespesable item in my programming and documentation toolkit. At Googles IO conference a list of guidelines for enhancing the user experience for their design team was revealed. http://developer.android.com/design/get-started/principles.html One of the guidelines I found inspiring: Give me tricks that work everywhere"People feel great when they figure things out for themselves. Make your app easier to learn by leveraging visual patterns and muscle memory from other Android apps. For example, the swipe gesture may be a good navigational shortcut." When I am able to have at least two means of sorting notes already in place in Evernotes I naturally expect that ability to extend down to the note level in surprising and delightful ways. When I have a 1000 item list in random order and discover that I don't even have the most rudimentary sorting ability in a note its practically indescribable how that feels. Now one wonders how many people in a hundred feel this way and apply it to Evernotes total number of users? Is this good? According to Google for every negative design flaw it takes at least three positive enhancements to change a users emotional response to a positive one. Not having basic sorting at the note level I believe is a serious design flaw and could only bring positive reponse from Evernotes User base when corrected. thank you, regards Ted
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