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  1. OK, I'll try another one, still working on my migration from OneNote. When I copy a piece of a webpage, I would like a flag under Options or Clipping Preferences to copy the URL with it. I find that I am often grabbing a paragraph from a page, then going back and grabbing the address.
  2. I'm a OneNote user switching my life over to Evernote. The single biggest thing I would want would be more levels. OneNote has Notebooks->Sections->Pages->Subpages This keeps my top level very clean and organized. If going downward would be difficult for back compatibility, possibly Evernote could go upward with Shelves for Notebooks and possibly Bookcases with multiple Shelves. An example of how I used this in OneNote was for my metalworking hobby. Notebook = Hobbies Section = Metalworking Page = Milling Subpage = End mills I have about 5 top level notebooks for all my personal and work stuff.
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