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  1. DTLow: The answer is - as expected - "it depends".. In many cases I do not even need to follow up with presentation. Take, for example, notes for my own consumption that one day, somehow, maybe they will see some sort of publication... In most cases, I do not need to follow up because I deliver the plain text Markdown to colleagues... which will transform into HTML via preferred libraries and present / publish using corporate CSS or ad-hoc CSS In rare cases, if I need to quickly share something with a third party... I copy and paste into Visual Studio Code, render using
  2. Markdown syntax in Evernote or Windows Notepad or any other editor...well... it does not make a difference ! When I need to write using Markdown, this is how I normally compose text in Evernote for Windows... (I just use a different font here, for clarity)... # This is Heading 1 ## This is Heading 2 ### This is Heading 3 * This is a bullet - This is also a bullet + This is *another bullet in bold type* etc. What makes a difference is how Markdown is then rendered (translated into HTML and formatted via style sheets - CSS). The whole point is the se
  3. Yesterday I was using my wife's computer and I happened to start using the Evernote Web Editor to jot down a couple of things. For a number of reasons, I have grown accustomed to write my notes using Markdown syntax... and I do that quite consistently in Evernote for Windows and a number of other writing tools. As soon as I started writing, I had to stop and start testing. Because it seems to me that Evernote developers, QA team, and possibly users that have been clamoring for Markdown support have completely misunderstood the purpose and the usefulness of Markdown syntax.
  4. I am not here to discuss why or why not one should move from Evernote to another application or service. That is such a personal decision, and I am sure everyone has personally valid motives. Myself, after careful consideration, I decided to move to OneNote. And moving from Evernote to OneNote should be straightforward enough - after all, Microsoft offers a tool (OneNote Importer) just for this purpose. On the other hand, many users (including yours truly) have encountered a number of problems: notes without a title or (oh the horror) notes without actual body. Oh, and keep in m
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