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  1. Hi pkb, I had the same problem and It's still the same, eight months later. It doesn't seem like the Evernote team is in a rush to fix it. Here the link:
  2. Hola, Tengo la versión 10.8.5 instalada en el PC del trabajo y no se muestran los archivos pdf, e incluso los corrompe al cargar la nota, hasta el punto de que ya no puedo abrirlos en otra versión que sí me va bien, la 6.25. El caso es que en el PC de mi casa la versión 10.8.5 no tiene este problema. ¿Será cuestión de permisos o cortafuegos? Gracias.
  3. Sorry, but I don't have any email yours. I don't have access to note history because I have Plus Subcription
  4. Now the file is corrupt and i can't open it. Files get corrupted when I try to open them with version 10.4. This is really weird. calendario_escolar_sevilla_20-21.pdf
  5. After this process now I can no longer open the file in version 6.25. 23-11-2020 11-47-25.mp4
  6. I have Evernote version 10.4 and version 6.25 installed. With version 6.25 I can open any attachment, but version 10.4 does not open and does not show attachments. For example, if I try to open a pdf I get an error indicating that the file is damaged. But the worst thing is that if I go now to the same note (in version 6.25) now it doesn't let me open the file either and it gives me an error; that is, trying to open files with version 10.4 corrupts them.
  7. Dear all, Evernote can't show attach files like .pdf or .jpg. Why?
  8. Hi, I am using Evernote 10 for Android and capturing notes is extremely slow. (For example from the Feedly application) Regards!
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