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  1. Sorry, but I don't have any email yours. I don't have access to note history because I have Plus Subcription
  2. Now the file is corrupt and i can't open it. Files get corrupted when I try to open them with version 10.4. This is really weird. calendario_escolar_sevilla_20-21.pdf
  3. After this process now I can no longer open the file in version 6.25. 23-11-2020 11-47-25.mp4
  4. I have Evernote version 10.4 and version 6.25 installed. With version 6.25 I can open any attachment, but version 10.4 does not open and does not show attachments. For example, if I try to open a pdf I get an error indicating that the file is damaged. But the worst thing is that if I go now to the same note (in version 6.25) now it doesn't let me open the file either and it gives me an error; that is, trying to open files with version 10.4 corrupts them.
  5. Hi, I am using Evernote 10 for Android and capturing notes is extremely slow. (For example from the Feedly application) Regards!
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