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  1. hi @agsteeleand @jackbrucesimpson, I received the following reply from customer service. Bottom line is that it will be treated as a feature I guess. So no solution for now. Melvin D. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 16, 2021, 8:12 PDT Hello Paul, Thank you for writing back to us. I acknowledge that you're unable to save your PDF files in your note as a PDF and it only shows a All files on your end and also having issues with opening your PDF files on your Evernote for Windows. We thank you for conf
  2. Hi @agsteele, Thanks, I found the file locations using your path en deleted the files. I then deleted evernote and run the installation again. Unfortunately, it did not solve the issue. So I will contact Evernote. I will let you know how it went when it is solved. Greets, Paul
  3. @agsteeleI could not find the %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote locations. But when I re-installed, I was logged in already. So maybe that did not went the way it should?
  4. Hi @agsteele, Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. I uninstalled EN yesterday and today I re-installed it. But unfortunately it did not solve the issue. Realy weird that something works fine in your account, but not in mine. How do I raise a support ticket? Greets, Paul
  5. Hi @agsteele, Thank you for your reply. Lets tackle the "open pdf from the note" issue first. I made two snapshots so you can see what the problem is. When I drag a pdf or add it via the upload function I will be able to see the pdf in the note. I just cannot open it from the note in a pdf viewer and I also cannot save the pdf on my desktop. If I try that, it will say "all files" in stead of "pdf". So that must be the problem. But it used to work fine, suddenly it doesn't. And I don't know how to change it. Because there is not a space in between the actions were I can do something about
  6. Hi, PDF files I attache to a note will not open. I receive an error that the path is not found (see picture). It happens with a lot of attached PDF files. Also, if I make notes in a PDF file and I save the changes, it won't save it to the PDF file in the note. So I have to save it on my desktop and re upload it again, which is frustrating. The last time I reached out here I did not receive an answer. This time I would like that to be the case. I am a payed subscriber and I would like Evernote to function as it should. -Paul
  7. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I still have to do the workaround, because pdf files don't generate a file location. So there is no recommended place were I can save it, which means it will be a random place like "my downloads" and this will not update the file in the note. The Mind manager files will be a different location every time, like you can see in the picture. I did not choose those locations, Evernote genereated them. A new location each time seems problamatic to me.
  8. Hi, I struggle with some attachement issues. I used to attach a pdf file to a note, open it from the note in adobe and then maken annotations with adobe. When I saved the pdf file, it would automatically choose the file location of the attachement of the pdf in the note. After the update, this location were I can save the pdf file is gone. So I checked it and the location were Evernote saves the attachements changes continuously for the same file. This was not the case before the update. The address on my windows laptop always began with C:\users\name\Evernote\Databases\Attachements\. After th
  9. Hi, I seem to lose my PDF files after I make annotations to it. I repeated it a couple of times and it goes like this: - I make annotations - I click close and save on in de annotation pdf menu - In the small menu on the left the pdf is still visible in the note, but when I open the note it is gone Does anyone recognize or have a solution for this? Greets, Paul
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