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  1. Hello Dave-in-Decatur, and thank you for the quick response. So, will Evernote be addressing these issues and bugs at some point soon? Should I send these to them via their feedback mechanism? I hadn't noticed the checklist button on the ribbon and agree, it does not accomplish what I was expecting, a non-indented checkbox, or multiple, with automatic new line checkbox feature. I want the old checkbox button back. How do I make this request? Another discovery on my part, when creating a new note, there is a To Do template that can be selected. The layout of this template is something
  2. Hi all. Well, here it is 8 months later and the checkbox indent/bullet bug still exists. Apparently, the beta editor has been released recently, with that bug! I'm sure this is not high on the bug list, but it sure is an annoyance to those of us that use the checkbox extensively for project and to-do lists. Here are my observations and comments about the check box when using the web editor. I have confirmed in the current editor the bug that steve_montana mentions in the beta editor. Using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+C, creates an indented checkbox. This then appears as a bullet it
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