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  1. I want to add my support to Penultimate to support the Pixel. Adonit says the Pixel is the successor to the Jot - with Evernotes being the premier notetaking application you need to support current technology.
  2. I noticed when I copy and paste text it will often indent the text by a space and I cannot find a way to remove this space. I have attached a sample where the 2nd entry is moved over a space, and then the 3rd entry is moved right by two spaces. Clicking to indent left doesn't help. Is there a way to clean this so the indent is removed?
  3. windows 8

    Just to reiterate the original poster's request "YOU (EN) use up a large portion of real estate on my screen with the GET MORE (beloved) column for which "GET EVERNOTE FOR WINDOWS DESKTOP" is first and foremost... I HAVE IT ALREADY, AND ON THIS MACHINE. I AM Premium - so I would appreciate if you would give me back my screen's real estate (at least release a minor update which allows us who pay you to remove that damned column)." I actually like using the Metro version of Evernote on my Dell XPS11 (I don't have to mess with the 2 pixel wide scroll bars on the desktop version). But I really don't like the big promotion for the Desktop version of the application. It's like my Ford Escape's info screen constantly displaying an advertisement for the F-150 truck all day....
  4. On a Note, if you highlight a phone number, copy the number, then do Hyperlink, Add... and enter "tel:nnn-nnn-nnnn" (or really any number following the tel:) if you bring up the note on a mobile device, you can click on the number to have the phone dial it (or at least on Android phones, but I image other phones will follow the tel: type). It makes it much easier and safer to dial a number from Evernote while driving, then the current way of trying to select the number, copy and paste it into the phone app. I would like to suggest as an enhancement request that Evernote looks at the selected text, and if it is numbers, -, (, ) or spaces, the Hyperlink context menu also displays "Add Phone link...". and automatically puts the tel: in front of the phone number text.