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  1. I finally fixed this by going to the web version and entering another search term. I recall logging out and back in the Windows App again didn't resolve the issue, nor did uninstalling and reloading (which surprised me).
  2. I mistyped and entered into the Search box "2" thread" and EverNote hung on me. When I start EverNote, I see my notes summaries on the left, and notes bodies are all blank, and eventually I get the dialog box asking me if I want to Wait or Relaunch. If I relaunch and quickly select another saved search term as EverNote is coming up, I can get it to launch correctly. I had to restart my computer and when EverNote started, it came back to the "killer" search term and again had to quickly select another search term. I had thought selecting a different term when I shutdown would have used the other search term. For some reason my system is locked into starting with this "killer" search term. Is there a way to turn off Saved Searches, or clear out all the Saved Searches? I even reloaded EverNote to 10.17.8 (2809) and this still had the problem.
  3. Even with the latest release 10.14.7, occasionally it takes 10-15 seconds for the Right-Click to pop-up the menu. It usually doesn't happen, but when it does, it can be several minutes before it comes back to working correctly.
  4. Using (307353) Prerelease (CE Build ce-47.0.5287), I noticed when I'm typing the cursor will often jump to the top of the window. It occurs both when typing in the main app or when the note is in a separate window. It occurs about every 2=3 minutes. It's really annoying since if I don't pay attention my text is all ending up at the top of the screen.
  5. Why is it everytime I install a new update for Evernote I have to reteach the user dictionary again? Isn't it possible to preserve it over updates, or even store it in the cloud so it could be shared between different computers running Evernote? I just update to (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) and updating a note I had previously and clicking red underlined word after word to teach it to the dictionary (mainly people and product names). I looked for a user dictionary and only found a "user.dict" which was last updated several year ago in a user Evernote folder, so I'm assuming that's no longer used. I would like to have Evernote migrate user dictionary words forward between revisions.
  6. Rod Montrose Jun 20, 08:29 PDT In some notes, when I paste (Control-V or Paste from menu), only the first line is pasted into the document. It seems to happens with notes with Hyperlinks in them. For example, I can open a text edit, enter 3 lines (see screen shots), copy the 3 lines, go to EverNote, click Paste, and only the first line is pasted. I have only seen this since the last update
  7. Thanks - the unsetting of "Set new note focus to title" fixed the problem, though it shouldn't have been a problem.
  8. I want to add my support to Penultimate to support the Pixel. Adonit says the Pixel is the successor to the Jot - with Evernotes being the premier notetaking application you need to support current technology.
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