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  1. 共產黨為了監視每個人,所有網絡服務都被要求把服務器放在大陸,不服就用防火墻擋你。為此 evernote 專門做了個 “中國版” 叫 “印象筆記”,官網就是 yinxiang.com 。估計是共產黨繼續給 evernote 施壓,要求把台灣中華民國歸入共產中國,所以 evernote 發現你的地理位置後才會默認與 yinxiang.com 連接。你登錄時一定要選 “國際版賬號”。另外還要小心網頁剪輯插件,他也會默認連接 yinxiang.com ,我改了好多次都被他自動改迴去。

  2. 3 分鐘前, DTLow說:

    The data is stored in a .exb file (Windows)

    You can save this file and install it in the required location

    >>Does Evernote have any measures to protect local notes?

    No, protection is on the sync’d notes at the server level

    Users are advised to back up their Local Notebooks

    do you mean:

    1. before installing new version, you must backup *.exb file. otherwise the "local notebooks" will gone?

    2. the "Attachments" folder is useless?

  3. I have used Evernote for a few years, there are some "local notes" and the database is specified in other locations.

    Yesterday I re-installed Evernote. When I log in, Everonte automatically synchronizes and downloads notes from the server. These notes become a new database. the two databases are very different:


    my question:

    How to ensure that no data is lost after reinstalling Evernote?

    If I now specify the old location for the database, will not cover the old database?

    If the old database in the default location, will not be covered because reinstall?

    Does Evernote have any measures to protect local notes?

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