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  1. I agree with you. It's not important enough to justify the payment. At least for now. However I have this workflow (again, not super important) and I wanted to know if I can still use Evernote free plan for this. I would gladly pay for the service when its premium features justify my use cases like I do for my task manager Either way, thanks for all your feedback!
  2. No. I can't afford having that expense. That's why I asked about using multiple computers with the web app. And I'm still worried about future changes that Evernote may have in the future. Limiting the free version will definitely make some users look for alternatives and they may even influence other users as well, so I don't see that as a good move from Evernote
  3. Thanks for the feedback! And I'm glad that at least this change won't affect my workflow, Cheers
  4. But what about this scenario: - Android app - Personal computer (Web app) - Work computer (Web app) Does this count as 3 devices?! If so, then I'm afraid I have to consider other alternatives to evernote
  5. If I have two different computers using the web app will it also count as 2 devices?
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