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  1. Well, if you're "amazed" by my use of "facetious" & "defensive", try re-reading the first two paragraphs of your July 16th reply again slowly & carefully and maybe you'll be able to understand how your reply prompts those words. At the end of para 2 you seem to be directly speaking on behalf of Evernote, directly defending them. So I am a bit surprised that you have no connection with them. I'm not going anywhere near any Evernote Android or Windows updates till the 1 & 2 star reviews largely disappear from Google Store. I want badly to be able to rely on Evernote as a secure note taking & storage app for my important information into the future. But if the performance of the updates doesn't improve then I'll eventually have to consider migrating to another secure system, such as Microsoft One Note maybe (don't know how good it is but at least Microsoft seems to stand behind it, and protection of information is ultimately the most critically important thing for me)
  2. First of all, the reason there was a year between my posts was that I hardly ever go on this discussion group. I do give a stuff, it's not a deal breaker, I can work around it but it is inconvenient. Evernote not fixing such a basic inconsistency between its different platform versions for so long does give an indication of its attitude to long standing problems & its long-time users. I don't appreciate your facetious attitude. Your response is incredibly defensive of Evernote - makes me think you must work for them? The second half of your reply is utterly unhelpful. As a non-techie I have no idea what you're on about. It seems far too complicated a solution to fix a problem that is just inconvenient. Actually I haven't updated my Evernote for Android since getting it with my new phone in 2019, after reading the really terrible reviews of the new versions every time I've been to Google Store since then. Apparently the latest (July 2021) Android version is now almost unusable, with uneditable "view only" notes etc. So many 1-star reviews from long-time users. Very worrying 😞 So I'll stick with my working 2019 version for now, even with its lack of automatic title creation (which is insignificant compared to the problems many users seem to currently be having 😞) plus my more basic but working Evernote for Windows (2015), which doesn't have the recent cosmetic gimmicks but does seem to do the job at least.
  3. I know all that. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying this nearly 10 year old difference between Evernote Windows & Android means I have to "fix" every note I create on my smartphone later on by deleting the title line in Evernote Windows to make Evernote Windows automatically create a title using the first line of the note. And Evernote Android still won't update that title automatically if the first line changes... I think we can assume by now after 10 years that Evernote don't give a stuff about it!
  4. It is very inconvenient in Evernote for Android as I can't just create notes as I go and expect their titles to update as I modify the first line. I have to create a special title with !!! at the beginning so it comes up at the top of my notes sorted by title. I then have to go into my Evernote for Windows and delete the Android-created title, which forces Evernote for Windows to then update automatically in future for first line changes (but still not in Android)
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