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  1. In the windows version, it is possible to add a note without typing the title - the first line becomes the note title automatically. This feature is painfully missing in the Android version. Please add it.
  2. I genuinely hope that Evernote can make the left sidebar (the list of notebooks ) scrollable by finger in touch screen devices such as my Surface Go. I have been using Evernote for years, and Evernote made the note editor scrollable by finger several years ago, but not the left sidebar. I really don't know why this issue has not been addressed. Using the extremely thin scroll bar to navigate the notebook list is way too painful.
  3. Will Evernote add touch support for reading notes, i.e. the ability to scroll notes up and down with swiping motions? Without this feature, it is very difficult to read notes on a touch device such as Surface Pro. Using the scroll bar is a painful experience.
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