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  1. @DougInNC - Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I am delighted! This functionality makes my workflow work so much better. I even upgraded to Professional to gain access to page numbers, multiple notes into one PDF, and whole Notebooks into PDFs! Giddy!
  2. @DougInNC Thank you so much for your clarifying post! I was getting a bit weirded out by the appearance of the lack of acknowledgement, concern, and/or focus on what I consider to be a serious issue with at least Evernote V10 for Windows. Evernote works so well for so many things, but V10s lack of effective PDF processing is more than a mere annoyance. With that said, @agsteele did teach me some things about PDFs (or is it PDF'ing?) that will serve me well. Thanks for the comments, ideas, and support.
  3. @agsteele With Nuance PDF software I was able to convert the "image-like" PDF of mine and convert it to text. Actually, it converted it to Word, then I saved the Word docx as a PDF -- and the resulting PDF is fully functional. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. All this will work in a pinch, but hardly makes for an efficient workflow.
  4. I sure hope so! Thanks so much for your insights regarding PDF. The more I learn, the more I realize there is ever-more I do not yet understand. : )
  5. @agsteele I downloaded your file and I notice you also cannot highlight text nor annotate either. Same result as me. Thanks for confirming. Attached is a EN Note I printed via the Nuance PDF printer. Deceptively good looking, with the exception of the sliced line of text on the first page. AND also, the text is not selectable, highlightable, nor annotatable. Pfizer on Developing a Vaccine in Record Time - HBR Nuance.pdf
  6. I used the Nuance PDF printer from the new version of Evernote. I do not know that the resulting PDF is in fact an image, but it is not highlightable nor annotatable. I tried Wondershare PDFElement with the same result. I also briefly tried the paid version of Acrobat and it did not work. I saved the same note using Legacy and it came out just fine -- IF you use the File/Print to PDF command. It does not work IF you use the File/Print/(then select a PDF printer). Using the Nuance PDF printer from Word produces a fully functional PDF document. So, I do not think the issue is in Nuance PDF or any other printer. I think Evernote, Legacy or Evernote New sends bad input to any PDF printer through the regular print command, at least for the Windows version of Evernote.
  7. At this time, Evernote is a critical piece of my overall PKM System and Workflow. Essential to this workflow is the capability of producing a fully functioning PDF from an Evernote Note. This is something Evernote Legacy does just fine with the File/Print to PDF... command. On the other hand, With the new Evernote, the only option to produce a PDF of a note is to select the Print option for a note, then select a PDF printer. With three different PDF printers I selected, the resulting PDFs are not true PDFs. They are an image of the Evernote note. They are not highlightable, comment-able, or searchable. If the capability to produce a fully functional PDF ends with Legacy, my workflow will break when Legacy is terminated. And thus I will need to find some sort of alternative to Evernote for the front-end data capture in my PKM System. I love the new Evernote for its handling of what is within Evernote. Evernote has been key to my workflow because it is by far the best webpage capture tool on the market (as best I can tell). It is also a phenomenal note-taking tool for Zoom meetings as I can readily capture screenshots while typing in notes. In both of these cases, it's a great tool for the front-end of my PKM system -- the operating core of which is in Obsidian. The only thing I go back to Legacy Evernote for is to produce PDFs of the notes. Please reassure us that we will be able to create fully functional PDFs from the new version of Evernote going forward. Until I hear this to be true, I must prepare my alternative tool sets and methods for the possibility of the gap that Evernote would leave me to deal with if the PDF functionality I require is not incorporated in the new version. Thanks!
  8. I have been having the same experience on Evernote 10.6.9 app on Windows. I have searched for keystroke combinations that might prompt this, but can find none. And to be clear, it's an exact duplicate as of a point in time, not a "copy."
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