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  1. I had the same problems. I was on premium, now on personal. Wasn't able to choose Chat oder E-Mail for direct support. Now these options are being offered again (instead of being greyed out and asking to upgrade). So maybe they fixed it. @Bergman
  2. @PinkElephant I know you don't get direct support on Basic/Free, but I am on Premium. So I don't understand why I should upgrade - and I would love to know how to get in touch with EN support then (also about this issue). I switched off my iPhone, logged out of Evernote, logged in again - no change. Share screen says: Clip is saved - but never gets synced. I even deinstalled Evernote and re-installed. No change, same bug. Would really nice to be able to report this to Evernote. And one more thing: This message (Clip is going to be synced...etc.) is cut off in the middle of the sentence. Not a big thing but also not very professional. Thanks for helping again!
  3. @gazumped Thanks for deleting the other post, I also tried to, but couldn't. I am not allowed to submit a request by chat or mail - I am asked to upgrade for that. But I am a premium user already (since years). See the attachment. @PinkElephantThanks for your advice. The thing is, that this bug has even survived a change to my new iPhone, so I am afraid switching off and on again (which I did btw a few times for sure anyways) doesn't help - logging out and in again also doesn't help. I am also surprised since this is a core function and it's not working anymore since V10.
  4. First of all: I am not able to create a direct request/chat/mail anymore to the support. I would need to upgrade - even though I am on premium. Like what?? I was just about to like Evernote again, but this is not cool. My problem is that I the web clipper on iOS doesn't work. It just doesn't save anything. No matter how often I save something. And by the way the german word for save "speichern" is not displayed correctly (even though on the Evernote web page it looks perfect in the preview pics). Anyone having an idea? I am on the newest Evernote and iOS Version, iPhone 12. Thanks, Patrick
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