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  1. I just saved a note URL and accessed it from a different IP address without problems,  and I used a Google+ link to look at someone else's 'public' notebook without being invited - I'm now confused as to what's going on here.  Any suggestions,  Evernote peeps?

    I'm under the impression (based on my own notebook) that current notebooks that are public are still accessible, but you can't share new ones I don't think.
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  2. I'm not sure that this is the way to go. Or really, if there is a best way with Evernote...


    Aside from the issue you mention already (each enex simply adds more notes) the other issue is the stack hierarchy itself. As far as I know, I think that you would lose all of that information in the exported file, so it would kinda defeat the object of sharing it that way.

    What volume of notebooks are you looking to share? It may be best to share them all individually, and let your colleague arrange them into a stack themselves. Some work, but it may well be the only way...

  3. Ok, so after a little experimenting, I think I know why this may happen. 


    Evernote stores it's window state in the registry, so if you happen to have a single note minimised at a time when it does this (Manual close via File -> Exit or Shutdown for example) then it will store the location (including minimised)


    I mention this because this is where Evernote decides to place new single note windows. 


    So, try:


    - Ctrl + Alt + N

    - Open the note (Maximised, or placed where you desire in the window.)

    - When you have the note located where you want it, exit Evernote via File -> Exit. 

    - Open Evernote again, and try the hotkey. 


    Does this work?




    If so, the solution for Evernote would be to not save the minimised state to the window.

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  4. I've had the same problem, getting the "failure to sync" error message after adding a shared folder. After reading this forum, instead of deleting the folder completely, I went into properties for the shared folder and unchecked "Sync this notebook to my computer". After that, everything synced. At least this way, I won't lose the shared folder completely, in case I want to refer to something from it.

    If this is the case, you are probably running into the same error as the previous poster. ("Shard Unavailable")

    Doing it that way, you wont be able to see any new updates to the shared notebook you are using.

    You can delete the notebook and ask the owner to reshare it with you and it should allow you to use the notebook as normal.

  5. As I was tunning your script to my use I notice it only work in the Evernote main Window.


    Do you know how can I make also work when I open a single note as a full window?


    Thanks in advance.

    Change the first line to this and it should work for both the main EN window and the single note window:
    GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrameGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView#IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_Windows
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  6. Hi KimPatt, welcome to the forum :)

    I had an hour long conversation and took all of my notes during the convo and when I skipped to get info from another note, the original note was gone!! No undo...it was gone. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Removed the FireFox plugin thinking that any of this is interfering and it's still not working.

    So, when you opened a previous note, it was empty, or you cannot even find the note?

    Does the other note appear in the trash?


    Can you copy and paste the last 10-20 lines of the activity log, just after syncing?

    Help -> Activity log

    Hopefully this should help reveal why it is failing to sync.


  7. While I understand why people want nested notebooks, I can see at least 2 potential issues with them:

    1. You could, very easily, reach your notebook limit (250) by simply setting up your preferred system and not really have that many actual notebooks to use.

    2. This stems from the first, but if you were to create a multiple level notebook system, with 10 levels for example. You would only be able to put notes in the last level of notebooks, because that is the way that notebooks work in Evernote.

    This means that only the last level of actual notebooks and the one above are actually useful, the rest is not and this is what we have now, two levels.

    Could this all be changed to make it work somehow? Would it? I can't say, just my thoughts.

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  8. I thought there was a 'move database to SD card' option somewhere in Evernote but I can't seem to find it now.

    Now that I think about this some more, I recall a similar option...

    Interesting quote from the widget on the play store:

    The story behind this widget:

    We want every users to have the best Evernote experience possible. Unfortunately, if Evernote is installed on the SD card, then the widgets that comes with the app are unavailable. Thanks to this Evernote Widget application, anyone can take advantage of this time saving feature regardless of where Evernote is installed.

    This was relevant to older versions (and probably could be removed from that page) but it compounds the issue that it was possible to move/install to sd at some point in the past.

  9. Thanks for the redirection - knew I did something wrong, but I was trying to post a new topic actually from the Android 'Folder' (which I gather now has its own cloud) and got confused when it still offered me a long list of options. Would be better to default to posting in the same topic area as is actually being read..

    No Problem :)

    OK wait.. I have an Unsaved_Notes folder? And what might this worryingly named folder actually contain?

    ..In my case about 30MB of data, mainly pictures. Can I delete these items, or do I need to check whether they've actually been uploaded?

    I can't say for certain, but I recall seeing a post about it before. It contains images that you have added to notes. (It seems to me like a temporary store before upload, but the images aren't deleted.)

    All of the images I have in that folder are in EN. I just deleted the images (and voice notes that I have in there for some reason - Other than testing I don't use them) and all is fine so far.

    At any rate, rather than deleting, you could back it up to another location perhaps...

    Don't know whether this is peculiar to Android, Samsung or the Galaxy model, but the physical SD card isn't the target when you 'move (any application) to SD' - I'd thought that if/ when I ran out of space I could simply reconfigure with a bigger SD card, but clearly unless I can move some significant storage to the external card I'll have to cut back on everything except music!

    I have a similar issue with the referencing to "SD Card"...I recall seeing in some apps, they call the internal storage that and ignore any external storage at all...quite annoying at times.

    I tried to add a photo note via the phone earlier but immediately got the 'insufficient device storage', which I imagine is going to be an issue with adding any notes from the mobile - so the real-world upper limit on the number of notes is around 10,000 if you want offline searches, even on a 16GB smartphone!

    Offline searches? Or Notebooks? There is an option relating to offline searches but I don't know how that affects storage usage...

    It would help anyone with a large number of notes to be able to move data storage to removable media. Even typing that I heard a sharp intake of breath noise, but come on - 'removable' in a smartphone means switch it off/ take the battery out/ lose a fingernail getting the micro card out of a crevice.. there's a lot more danger of a rogue keypress damaging data than there is me "forgetting" to put the right media in before I start Evernote.

    Long story short for devs with short attention spans and shorter deadlines - Please add a function to move Evernote's support folders to an external SD card on smartphones!

    Edit: There's a happy ending (I guess) - I found a medical database of 300MB (don't ask) that I haven't used in ages; deleted that app and I'm back in business - for a while. But, Dear Evernote, please don't relegate my request to one of your famous back-burners; none of us are getting any younger, and until we get this feature I'm now going to have to crawl to my desktop when the pains start to find out whether I need to panic!

    I would like the option to as well. I currently have enough space, but I expect that I will get there eventually and would love to avoid it at all.

    How do you manage all of your data on the device? With my tablet, I decided that anything that I could choose the location for (docs, music, videos, etc.) would be stored on the memory card, ensuring that I left as much free space on the device itself. It is working for me now, but I can see myself filling the card up in the near future, so may have to get a bigger card.

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  10. This is the Japanese section of the forum, so I will move it to the correct one for you :) (Evernote - then you select Android when posting a new topic) EDIT: Done

    There are a couple of threads about this, and it appears that EN needs at least 100mb free.

    I also cannot find an option to move to sd card. I guess we could hint at a this being a request for that option. I would welcome it too ;)

    One possible thing to do is try removing some of the data from the Unsaved_Notes folder within the Evernote folders, since there can be many images etc. in there. Could free up a little more space

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  11. Hi Dacson, welcome to the forum :)

    I think the best method would be to submit a support ticket here:


    Once you get a ticket number you will know that the request has gone through. If you don't, try again as it may not have gone through.

    Mention what you have done and how you have bought it. If possible include your itunes receipt so that they can see that you have paid (or some record of payment)

    If you could post your ticket number here in the forum, one of the staff that roam the forums will be able to keep track of it as well.

    Let us know how it goes :)

    Related thread:


    @Evernote - Is there some issue with this? Seen a couple of threads about it recently.


    EDIT: Probably don't need to ask, but have you synced recently as well?

  12. This is the perfect time to plug the favourites bar. :)

    The favourites bar has a feature that allows you to search tags by typing their name/selection.

    Hit Alt + Shift + T (or click on the tags dropdown menu if you have it pinned to the bar) and type the name of the tag you are looking for.

    Select that tag, and it will not only search for that tag (displaying the relevant notes) but it will also highlight the tag in the left panel, expanding the tree and showing you exactly where said tag can be found in the tree.

    This also works the same with notebooks (though it is Alt + Shift + N)

    Even better, the shortcut works whether you use the favourites bar or not.


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  13. I believe the term is bitter-sweet...

    First, let me apologise. My information is apparently not entirely correct. It appears that I may have misinterpreted what that option does.

    I tested it, and it doesn't change the images to attachments.

    BUT it does allow for the right click option of "view as attachment" to be selected for an image.

    In it's current state it is therefore possible to force attachment view, but it is a lengthy process if you have a lot of images stored. (you have to right click all of them)

    In reading the information that I was provided a bit more clearly, the phrase used was: "If this one is set to 1, images may be viewed as an attachment."

    So, at this point I would ask for clarification from Peter (kvitekp), the settings master on this option.

    Happy that my notebook is somewhat useful, sad that I was inaccurate :(


  14. Hi Samnnz,

    This is a much debated topic here in the forums. Currently Evernote only allows one level of stacks, and this appears to be the decision made by Evernote. As far as I am aware, this is not likely to change in the near future.

    I understand that there are advantages to this, but that is the choice that EN have made for now.

    One possible reason behind this decision (that I have just realised myself) may be related to the notebook limit.

    Currently you can have up to 250 notebooks (including each stack) and so if you were allowed multiple levels of notebooks, you could reach this limit very easily with a moderately complicated folder structure...


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  15. Just so you are aware, evernote.com/home.action will fail to work, for a couple of reasons.

    There needs to be www, and the Home must be capitalised. The correct link would be:


    That said, you are signing in and seeing nothing, which is odd.

    Does this occur in any other browsers?

    I think you would be best suited submitting a support request with Evernote at the bottom of this page:


  16. I think that dlu and Tom are referring to the placement of the delete key on the keyboard, rather than the placement of the delete buttons in EN.

    The linked post of mine above was in reference to the delete key, rather than the button, and so the AHK script acts on that.

    With regards to a deletion confirmation dialog, I guess this is something that EN could do, but also include a checkbox to not show it again. This is something that they have done before with other deletions, and managing the option is (from a user point of view) relatively easy being a registry key.

    I think if it were implemented in the future, I would hope for an option to hide it, which I personally would use.

    Interestingly, I have new note and delete right next to each other in the toolbar, and have never had an issue with deletion. Just me though...

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