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  1. Hi. I opted out of the beta tester program. Just the public version 7.16 was delivered, I applied this update, but the problems I reported remain and have not changed. As you have suggested, there seems to be no way to merge notes.
  2. The business card scanned on my Android has problems that I can not edit yet. I am a Premium & Beta Tester, and my environment is: Windows 10: Version (306298) Prerelease (CE Build ce - 1.36.3494) Android 8.0: Version 7.15 The card scanned on Android remains locked on Evernote Web. I think there is a problem with the Android application, but I think that it has not been solved. Because the "memo" field also disappeared. Aside from that, since the business card scanned on Android ignores the setting information of the preserved destination notebook, this service seems to have many problems in the Android application.
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