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  1. I can't believe this is still a problem. I just upgraded to EN5 and it's certainly a HUGE PITA to not have the notebooks separated.. Now I have at least 3-5 notebooks which have identical names in both business and personal.. --> definately pita to try to pick the right one. Also as they are not separated I can't easily scan through my notebooks and see which are business/personal if I'm trying to decide which notebook is best. Definately have to ask all of our employees to turn off the auto update until this is fixed. I'm the sysadmin and some are already having hard time using evernote... Don't even want to imagine the amount of support requests should they update to EN5... And no this is not just resistance to change.. If it takes me 5-10 minutes more per day to use evernote (just that I can be sure everything goes to right places) your UI design can't be called succesfull.
  2. We're using evernote as knowledgebase for our company and it's pain to add new guy manually to 10 notebooks! Same thing when someone leaves. So we definately need the sharing of stacks!
  3. I have a same problem. Shared a notebook with a friend, clicked "require him to log in" but the friend can't edit notes in windows client but only in the web interface which is not at all as handy as the client! How to fix this? We both have premium so that shouldn't be the problem. -NRJ
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