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  1. Beautiful, I'm happy to hear that, thank you @aukirk, and thanks Evernote!
  2. Same here! Cmd+J is essential. I'm back to the legacy version too. Cmd+J for "Jump to Note" was the quickest way to get around, like Evernote's internal Spotlight for navigating. It was incredibly powerful, showing up right in the middle of the screen and letting us jump between notes at the speed of thought. Now it seems to have disappeared. The Cmd+Opt+F shortcut exists, but it's less useful. It's way over on the left, and shows too many results in too many categories. Does anyone know if they destroyed the Cmd+J function?
  3. I recently upgraded via the Evernote site (not the app store), and I am experiencing the same trouble. My workflow is similar: I start in Evernote, and then open a PDF using the Preview app. I highlight text, and the changes are automatically saved back to Evernote. Annotating/Highlighting: I highlight in Preview because it is 10x faster -- just drag to select text and it's highlighted. By contrast, with Evernote's highlight feature I have to physically draw each line using my computer, which is tedious and time consuming. Their highlight also reduces contrast and readability by covering the text in a transparent colored haze. In Preview, when the PDF does not allow highlighting I can quickly draw lines underneath that are auto-straightened. That being said, I would much rather mark up PDF's natively inside Evernote, once they develop a usable feature. This highlighting workflow constitutes about 70% of my Evernote usage, I hope we can figure out a way to link these again. I appreciate this company and all their hard work, I hope they can ship a usable PDF annotation feature soon!
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