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  1. Worked! Thank you very much Don Dz!
  2. Please help: I have encountered this problem multiple times Error message: There was a problem downloading note "......." See Activity Log for more details. Log follows: Evernote for Windows (308716) Public OS: Windows 10.0.18362 User: cpchang Memory: 77.4 MB Video card 1: Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Type: Internal Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics RAM: 2.1 GB Mode: 1920 x 1080 x 4294967296 colors Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Driver version: Driver date: 2015/12/21 00:00:00 Availability: 3 Created: 2019/11/06 17:37:33 --- Bootstrap info: loadedFresh <bootstrap_info><profile name="Evernote"><settings account_email_domain="m.evernote.com" cardscanUrl="https://cscan.evernote.com/cardagain" enable_facebook_sharing="1" enable_gift_subscriptions="1" enable_google="1" enable_linkedin_sharing="1" enable_shared_notebooks="1" enable_single_notesharing="1" enable_sponsored_accounts="1" enable_support_tickets="1" enable_twitter_sharing="1" marketing_url="https://evernote.com" service_host="www.evernote.com" support_url="https://help.evernote.com/hc/"/></profile></bootstrap_info> --- \Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 17:29:26 [INFO ] [6288] [1392] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 6288 17:29:28 [INFO ] [5148] [6644] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 5148 17:29:31 [INFO ] [8640] [8116] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 8640 17:29:34 [ERROR ] [7652] [9040] Failed to get changes from CE uid=0, timed out 17:29:34 [INFO ] [19160] [18752] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 19160 17:29:45 [INFO ] [3660] [9208] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 3660 17:30:01 [INFO ] [7652] [9040] Registered session count: 9, last session: 2019/11/06 17:30:00 17:30:01 [INFO ] [12524] [7884] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 12524 17:30:14 [INFO ] [18992] [7032] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 18992 17:31:17 [INFO ] [4944] [6116] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 4944 17:31:25 [INFO ] [7528] [14368] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 7528 17:31:52 [INFO ] [1952] [4508] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 1952 17:32:50 [INFO ] [7652] [9040] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 17:32:53 [INFO ] [8752] [13088] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 8752 17:33:34 [INFO ] [7652] [9040] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 17:35:59 [INFO ] [10192] [14276] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 10192 17:36:01 [INFO ] [15436] [6200] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 15436 17:36:08 [INFO ] [12220] [300] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 12220 17:37:05 [INFO ] [7652] [9040] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe"
  3. Last night when I open Evernote on my windows desktop, all I got is an image associated with a note. The image fills up the entire window. It turns out that there are four images that I can cycle through, but nothing else. Closing the program did not help. A restart of the computer did.
  4. I often found a child tag moved out from under its parent accidentally, probably because super-sensitive key board or mouse. Please allow a function to lock down either the entire tag structure, or a nested tag structure, to prevent this headache.
  5. Thanks. I was thinking of doing this. But it has some drawbacks. Maybe I should suggest Evernote to add a feature of locking down a specific nested tag, or a general lock of the entire structure.
  6. Perhaps due to the sensitivity of my Windows keyboard or mouse, sometimes I found a child tag moved out of its nest and showed up outside of the parent tag. Is there a way to prevent this to happen, such as locking down the structure of a nested tag?
  7. Thanks. I will give it a try. (What you showed was what I always got before.) But this time the dialog box did not appear.
  8. I had no problem before. But I just tried to encrypt some text, EN did NOT ask me for any passphrase, The text appears locked up immediately without asking for any passphrase. Naturally the "lock" can be opened without any passphrase. What to do?
  9. Thanks. I click the Web Clipper then Options, but I do not see any "Singed in as" or any email address. I then tried several times clicking around the button and suddenly a log-in page magically opened, allowing me to sign in with my Evernote account. I then look at the Options page and indeed my email is there and there is a sign out button. The problem is resolved, but I still do not know how I was able to open a sign in page.
  10. Thanks. I did not check this page for almost one month. Not sure what you meant by using an account in Web Clipper? The Clipper was in the extension tool bar when it worked for a long time. When the red dot appeared after the Windows upgrade I removed the clipper button and reinstalled it by downloading from the web. If you are right, what can I do to "use the same account" in both Evernote and Web Clipper?
  11. Thanks. I do not see the Clipper access of the Chrome browser. All I see are my device names like "home PC" etc. The home PC is the one that gives me problem. Should I just revoke the access of the home PC?
  12. After some automatic upgrade by window 8.1 my Web Clipper in Chrome stopped working. There is a small red dot by the Clipper button. I went into the extension setting turn off and on, still not working. I then uninstalled the Clipper extension and reinsalled it, still not working with the same small red warning dot by the button. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Thanks for this huge turn around from your July 21 note of non-commitment, which was a big but fortunately temporary disappointment. Our department's many Android-EN uses (and potential users) are awaiting for this feature to become premium subscribers.
  14. There are probably better ways to describe that algorithm, but that's how we've been describing it internally. You learn something every day.
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