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  1. Rubenb -- I am sorry for taking so long to reply to your question. I see there has been some discussion while I have been away. The direct answer to your question is that the problem does not occur for Article or Whole page; only under Simplified Article. I pretty well understand why Evernote misses whole sections of a page with Simplified Article. Indeed Simplified Article is incredibly valuable because it does a good job of culling out the relevant material from the dross. Indeed, it is because Simplified Article exists that it is practical to capture recipes in Evernote and then use them on a tablet in the kitchen. I am hoping, however, that this situation, where adjacent <span> sections lead to omitted material could be easily fixed. I promise if you get back with more questions I will be able to respond more quickly. Wes
  2. I hope this is the proper way to report a problem. If not, please tell me what the appropriate way is. I have seen this bug numerous times while clipping recipes. One such example is the page at https://www.americastestkitchen.com/recipes/7973-eggplant-involtini?ref=new_search_experience_19&incode=MASAD00L0 A recipe typically contains a list of ingredients, each of which starts with a numeric value. For example, see the screen shot Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.46.40 PM.png (attached). When clipping such pages using the Simplified Article option the numeric values are omitted and the ingredients are shown as bullets. For example, see Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.47.45 PM.png (attached). The desirable outcome would be to leave the numbers in creating in "unformatted list" (<ul>). OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65) Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit) Here is the HTML for the list shown in the screen shots. It seems fairly straightforward. <section class='ingredients'> <h4 class='section-slug'>Ingredients</h4> <ul> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 2 </span> <span> large eggplants (1 1/2 pounds each), peeled </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 6 </span> <span> tablespoons <a href="/taste_tests/489-all-purpose-vegetable-oils">vegetable oil</a> </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> </span> <span> Kosher salt and pepper </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 2 </span> <span> garlic cloves, minced </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1/4 </span> <span> teaspoon dried oregano </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> </span> <span> Pinch red pepper flakes </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> (28-ounce) can <a href="/taste_tests/231-canned-whole-tomatoes">whole peeled tomatoes</a>, drained with juice reserved, chopped coarse </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> slice <a href="/taste_tests/270-white-sandwich-bread">hearty white sandwich bread</a>, torn into 1-inch pieces </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 8 </span> <span> ounces (1 cup) whole-milk ricotta cheese </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 1/2 </span> <span> ounces grated Pecorino Romano cheese (3/4 cup) </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1/4 </span> <span> cup plus 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> tablespoon lemon juice </span> </li> </ul> </section>
  3. jmichael on looking into this I find that the link that Evernote creates works just fine in a browser, it just doesn't work when you click it in Excel. Looks like your assessment is correct.
  4. My apologies. Looks like Excel will no longer accept the Evernote internal URL link. I don't know if my memory is faulty, or Excel has changed, but in any event it doesn't work now. I tried several different ways of pasting the link, and none worked. To make matters worse, MS Word will also not accept the EN Internal link. So, I'm really suspicious now that MIcrosoft has made some changes across the board in MS Office 2011. I will update my above post to avoid any further confusion. Upon thinking about this, I really wonder if the issue is with Evernote or something about Yosemite. Links to arbitrary URIs still work in Excel and Localhost should be just another symbolic IP address as far as Excel is concerned.
  5. JMichael -- thanks. No joy, but you saved me a lot of time to find out.
  6. See Step# 2.2 in my post above. Thanks. My bad for missing the option key. However I apparently am doing something else wrong as well. I follow your instructions (including the option key) I get an entry on the clipboard that looks like: evernote:///view/ (with lots of slashes, dashes and hex digits following) I then paste it into a cell in Excel and use command K to turn it into a hyperlink. It then looks like file://localhost/evernote/:::view: (with the same gobbledygook on the end except that colons replace forward slashes). The entry turns blue and the cursor changes to a finger when it hovers over the cell. I click on the cell and get an alert box from Excel saying cannot open the specified file. Does Evernote need to be the HTTP server for localhost? It is quite possible that somewhere along the line a different agent began serving localhost but I am way beyond my depth here. Thanks in advance.
  7. The solution described here works well, but when you click on the link in Excel you go to the browser-based Evernote client. I am wondering if there is a way to create a link in an Excel spreadsheet that opens up that note in the Local Evernote client on my Mac? I am using Evernote 6.1 on Yosemite
  8. It would be wonderful to click on a note, command-click on several others and then apply tags to all the selected notes. EDIT AFTER POSTING I see now how to do this. So instead of a feature request, this is a request that an example of multi-note tagging be in the document. Thanks
  9. I gave up on this. It is clear that Evernote views checklists as a third-party opportunity. However the third parties that were available back then were fairly sophomoric, more concerned with showing of "cool" use of graphics than understanding and getting convenient solutions for the bread-and-butter issues around checklists, such as having a workflow for those that you reuse many times and a workflow for those that are transient items, no longer of interest after they are checked. The good news is that ListPro is shipping its product for iPhone. They understand extremely well the various usage scenarios, the difference between glitzy GUI gadgets and a careful thoughout GUI that is intuitive and supports the important workflows. They also understand smartphone/desktop synchronization fairly well. I don't have any financial interest in the company but I was a happy user in the Blackberry and am now a happy user in the iPhone. I really wish that my checklists were integrated with Evernote. Unfortunately, that's the #2 priority. The #1 priority is having a workable application.
  10. In looking over Windows-scripting it appears that virtualy an scripting language could be used to obtain a note and transform it somehow (for example resetting the state of all the checkboxes in the note). On the client-side processing it doesn't look like one can update a note, only create a copy ... but it may be possible. If I did it this I would use Ruby, but that's a personal preference. The Web API seems like it would support updating a note, but of course that wouldn't work if your laptop does not currently have access to the Internet, such as when you are in a client's office with a locked down network. It doesn't appear that any external program can change the way Evernote renders a note, so some of the features that are really desirable (like having completed items disappear) aren't likely. Maybe some day Evernote will support more dynamic features in XHTML, but there are plenty of reasons for them to go very slowly down that road. Because I value the other behaviors highly I will cease looking for a mechanism that is integrated with Evernote. Having been disappointed with SplashShopper (sync reliability) and Egretlist (functionality) I will move on to Illium's List Pro. I was disappointed to give it up when I went from PocketPC to Blackberry but it does seem to have arrived at the iPhone about the same time that I did.
  11. As near as I can tell this feature doesn't exist, and it blocks me from using Evernote for an important (and I believe common) business function (re-usable check lists). For example every time I pack for a business trip I run through a check list of 60 items. I have been using SplashShopping which works ok, but I wish they would spend less time in glitz on more on fundamentals like getting Sync to work without losing data. Ideally, Evernote would provide a command and accelerator that would go through a note and clear the check boxes on all items. Secondary features that would be helpful - organize checklists in outline form. Checking a higher level entry checks all the items below. - lines including checklist items disappear when the item is checked, so the list of things left to do keeps getting shorter. I have tried Egretlist but couldn't find the feature there. They advertise their product as having reusable check lists but I don't know how they can justify calling them reusable if you have to go through and clear every item one at a time. The Egretlist UI is really flashy but for doing business work I prefer the prosaic and regular UI of Evernote. Glitz takes up real estate on an iPhone and distracts designers from thinking through use cases and how the product will meet one's needs. Of course that is a sweeping generality that isn't always true. Look at the iPhone and IPad themselves. Elegant and carefully thought through. But it certainly does seem to be true for a lot of apps in the app store.
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