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  1. Please fix: open image it in the default viewer rather then in presentation mode. I do not understand how this could happen.
  2. Hello Evernote community! Bunch of updates are done in Call Notes Pro app. Evernote sync is greatly improved in the latest update. For those of you who would like to test the app please check Google Play promo codes below =) Please do not worry if all are gone. Leave a comment that you need promo code and I will send you one (if I have enough of course). Please share your feedback! UBTRQ8JSB68SBU4PNRKGQMQ BUUJKFYXRC2TF0K601GA7HC JGXZTA00F4N5ZFJMX563JJL 6E9HPC35CESRF0A8VHFRNYZ 1AVM4VELTSA541B3GDUKPFA 2150WUVCU4WASS0P6NWE4HD E05K7GTYMNFMMBZQ7TW4J2P ZMW9AG2XMLR3Q2RB8C9VYG1 3NVAJGYNKCZ90PVKQK6EB7R ZL8ZRXFAYFUBL6GFG8R9U42
  3. Hello! I have just released my new android app - HappyID. It is the simple way to store notes for contacts in Evernote. HappyID helps you to identify who is calling you. The application shows you notes, company, position, birthday, closest event from the calendar and so on during the call. You could sync all your notes with Evernote. HappyID is FREE and without ads. You could get one on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.happyid You are welcome with all your suggestions and issues! =) -Andrey
  4. Hello, Evernote community! I am the developer of Call Notes Pro android app and happy Evernote user for years. Call Notes Pro displays the note and other contact info during the call. The application is a must have one for those who communicate a lot with new people and who have a long list of contacts. It is simple CRM for your contacts. You could check this video for details: There are two types of notes in the app: contacts, stored in the address book and in-app notes. Evernote sync for in-app notes was added in the latest version. This feature is currently in alpha. There are no known issues, but I can not say that it was tested enough. Sync done via «App Notebooks» Evernote API feature so all your data should be safe and secure. I am will be happy with any feedback about issues, bugs or any sync improvements. Please post them here or mail me to: help@nikanorov.mobi The app available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nikanorov.callnotespro -Andrey
  5. Wow! This is very good feature request. This could be extremely useful for travel planning and many other things. Evernote, please put this on the list.
  6. Thank you! Should I switch to the market version or I can stay on beta (I see different build numbers: 109302 for beta and 109233 for the market)? Will the beta version get some pre-release updates not avalible for the public market version?
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