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  1. How? I don't on my Mac and can't add them. The only way is to drag them into the shortcuts area, and that is what I currently do, but this takes a lot of spaces from notes on shortcuts, which I don't like.
  2. I believe one of the biggest improvements that can be made to Evernote without changing much of the product's base is to promote Saved Searches to a "first-class citizen" status, like Notebooks and Tags. After a while, just tags and notebooks are not enough to organize everything, so I rely heavily on saved searches to use Evernote. But the functionality is very hidden and not very intuitive to use. My suggestion would include some things like: 1. Place a "Saved Searches" icon on the sidebar, along with "Notes", "Notebooks" and "Tags" (same hiearchy) 2. Implement a screen to admin saved searches like Tags. Doesn't even need to have hierarchies or anything complicated. Just a place to see a list of saved searches, create a new saved search and remove. 3. Improve flow to create a saved search. The current "Edit > Save Search" is very obscure. Maybe show an icon along with the clear icon on the search bar? 4. OPTIONAL: Ability to link to a saved search inside notes. Thanks!
  3. This happens to me as well, but I know exactely why is happening. These are the steps to reproduce: 1. Open Evernote in full screen mode. 2. Open a note in annotate mode, also in full screen mode. 3. Change spaces from the note with anotations to the main Evernote space. When you do this, Evernote will save the annotations made that far and update the note. After that, any other annotation I make won't be saved. The workaround I found is that, whenever I need to switch spaces when annotating a PDF, I close and reopen the note. This has been happening for several versions and happened to me a bunch of times before I could sort of identify the problem and work around it. I'm no expert, but I think that when you go back to the main Evernote window, the app tries to update the note with the annotations made, but then it "forgets" about the note that is still opened in another space. This only happens when I change spaces BACK to Evernote's main window. If I don't go back do Evernote, it won't partially save the note.
  4. One of the things I miss the most these days is a way to aggregate easily the itens I starred / favorited in several sources, like GMail, Twitter, Google Reader... So, I guess it would be very nice if Evernote could "capture" all the itens marked with star of favorites from these sources where this is possiblie throught APIs. I know there are ways of doing these in a longer, with more steppy, ways. The thing is that sometimes those other options just takes too long, link using this in a mobile phone or wit Starring / Favoriting itens seens to be an almost universal feature... It's just too messy to go into 5, 6 differente sources to remeber the itens you marked.
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