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  1. Hey there, Just wanted to make a post regarding the new hyperlink functionality in 10.4, specifically for internal notebook links Previously when I would click on a hyperlink I would, as you would expect, be brought directly to the note linked. Now when clicking on a hyperlink, the url displays; the option to edit the url, and I must click the URL to follow the hyperlink. If I do this while viewing a note in fullscreen, I get pulled out of full screen and brought the the notebook containing the linked note. Both of these things dramatically reduce the flow of hyperlinks, and has
  2. Ah ok, I see. I guess this I know how I can go about getting the functionality I need. Seems odd that there is no hyperlink interface for the user (ie. url//text inputs) Thanks for the help! Experimentation is always the best tutor.
  3. I did a little search and saw that there was a pretty consistent desire to be able to edit hyperlinks that are pasted into android notes (I.e. when a URL is copy and pasted, a hyperlink is created, can you edit the displayed text, but retain the hyperlink), but the request was not popping up in the iOS user base. This would make the iOS note taking capabilities significantly more capable.
  4. Gonna add my hat to the ring, this would be a great feature!
  5. Going to bump this for Mac! Would be a great feature addition
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