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  1. YESS! Thank you! And the toggle back and forth icons for this layout has returned.
  2. I know all that, thanks. I'm talking about the actual layout of my notebooks. I used to be able to view the stacks as something that looked like squares, and I double click those, and those opened up the notebooks inside. There used to be an icon in the upper right of the Evernote document that had a choice of stack or list. That is no longer available?
  3. I had to do a clean reinstall of Evernote for Mac, and I'm not seeing the option to see my notes as stacks. Only as a list. Did that go away?
  4. WHAT color scheme? I opened my EN for Mac and I don't see any color... I thought it froze while loading, and was waiting for the previous colors to "load". I hate that there is no allowance for color customization. That's what I really liked about SpringPad was the color coding and such. In the day of high resolutions and mobility, EN has consistently avoided customization. Now, they've removed ALL colors?
  5. Mark, since you are a Premium account owner, you might try contacting EN Support via EN Chat, which opens at 9:00 am US PST. This is probably the fastest way of getting support. See Evernote Chat Support. (Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.) OK, so I submitted a ticket. However, just now, when I again tried to do another install, I got a notice of an update to 5.6.1, and now it actually installs, opens and is syncing. They must have just released a fix...
  6. I'm a premium user, and just in the last few days, my EN for Mac on all my computers (latest Beta) has stopped working, and when I reinstall, reboot, reinstall, beta, public, etc. I'm not able to, I get a "Version too old, please fix". Well, I'm trying to fix, but everything I'm downloading will not open. PLEASE HELP.
  7. Happening to me. At work and on home computers, using the latest beta, and suddenly, I'm not able to reinstall. I can't even use the public version at all, because of the "version too old" error. This is just a little bit serious, no?
  8. I do a lot of updating on EN for Mac, so when I open EN on Android, it would be really nice to see some kind of indication that it is syncing. I know it is, but a visual confirmatioin just makes me feel better. OK, opened up a notebook, and I do see the 'streaming bars' across the top. But this doesn't appear when I first open EN, which would be nice.
  9. I considered that. I just don't want to be double billed. I took advantage of Premium chat and this is what I was told, which makes sense: So it looks like you subscribed through Google Play Store with Evernote. To change this you will have to unsubscribe through Google Play first and then once the subscription runs out you are able to renew for a full year through the Evernote website.
  10. So under Billing, I see Premium Monthly plan Save money by switching from a monthly to yearly payment plan. But the Change Subscription button is grayed out, I can't click on it...?
  11. Hi, I just paid for Premium for the first time for $5 this month, but decided I want to pay for a year rather than go month to month, which is more expensive. How do I turn my monthly into a yearly now? I'm not seeing anything on the Play store where it says Subscription. thanks in advance, Mark
  12. I recently became a new Premium user, and after syncing, all my Android devices (phone, tablet) were immediately updated to the Premium status. I don't think you have to "enter" any details of your account, it should be automatic when you sync.
  13. Same here, on Android. Most of the thumbnails have disappeared, and the ones that do appear seem to be random (recent and old have both thumbnails and no thumbnails showing).
  14. I've unsuccessfully tried to update to Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 8 but each time, I'm only getting about 10% of all my notes to sync. So I've had to uninstall and go back to the public version and they all come back. I've done this about 10 times, both at home and at work, to no avail. Maybe the Beta 9 will fix this?? <Premium User>
  15. I have gone back and forth with this. I bought Things, RTM, Omnifocus (all platforms), Wunderlist, I've tried Any.do, etc.. The challenge I have is that I almost ALWAYS put a link in a task, or reference an Evernote note with the context, details for that task. I've finally just embraced this. I use my notes to track all my tasks with remindersI put detailed, date stamped progress against more complex tasks within the task noteI add checkboxes for subtasks of larger tasksI have even started tracking who needs to be notified, stakeholders, dates, attachments, etc. This has helped me later if I come back to referenceI keep them even after checking them off. (even smaller quick tasks, you'll see why next)I have a calendar reminder at 4:30 every day to sort notes by last edited. I select all notes edited today and make a TOC note. I title this with a date stamp of today and tag it journal. I add any additional notes for the day's journalI save all those date stamped journal notes in a single journal folder. This gives me an easy way to not only see what I did each day, but a link to the detailed notes of the tasks. This became easier when I realized it was helping me, not hurting me to have a new note per task. I have since scrapped all task managers and just use Evernote. This is great! Having sub tasks within a larger task is a must for me, and I forgot about the checkboxes. And, each note does have the capability of having a reminder set for it, which is helpful. I suppose I'm trying to have everything within EN now because I just became a Premium user, and wanting to keep everything organized with work projects along with personal items in one place would be ideal. I would like some kind of integration with my Google calendar, but EN keeps saying they aren't about that kind of task manager. Again, I repeat, EN could be EVERYTHING with not much more to do, really. They aren't that far from that.
  16. OK, all good points, and makes sense. For the record, I do use a separate, fully functional, dedicated task manager (just left Any.do and went back to Wunderlist). I only recently thought I'd try to use EN for the immediate things I needed to do today, rather than on my other task app, which I use for more robust, multi-level projects, just to see how it worked. I can see how an EN to do list element would be a "note", literally, but it just seems it could be 'packaged' a bit (no, a lot) better. Snippet view does look better but still, the notes seem silly separated from their list above. The note could at least be tucked in or collapsed under the specific list item itself. It begs the question why EN would even offer a partial to-do list function at all? If they took it a little further and gave it some polish and some UX love, I could easily see incorporating my tasks full time into Evernote. I'm addicted to ToDo apps and have tried and used so many. I'm curious what you guys use for more robust task managers??
  17. Seems redundant to create a task, and assign a date/time to it, but the separate note just takes up space on my screen, whatever platform I use. Am I missing a need for this? Maybe have an option to turn off separate notes? I just don't get it.
  18. I was easily able to use the Springpad instructions to transfer ALL of my files from SP to EN using their links and instructions. I opened my Evernote account and while it took a long time to download and sync, everything was there. very clean and far more organized than I expected. I half expected some kind of a large, single, 'dump' of data that I would have to re-organize. I've always been a longtime user of both of these services, but while I'm sad Springpad couldn't stick around, I'm pleased not to have 2 different services now. Springpad was really good at what it did, and Evernote really is King, and I'm happy they collaborated to make this transition as simple as they did. Kudos. Also, another Kudos to Evernote for lifting their free subscription limits in order for us to import our files. Very classy.
  19. While I've been a longtime Evernote user and will continue to be, I find it interesting that Google has come out with Keep. It has some neat features and customizations, but for now, it has a long way to go before it can catch up to King Evernote. For one, there is no way to group notes into folders, or do any sort of, well, sorting, of the notes. Just curious if anyone else has taken a peek at Keep? Go Evernote! Mark
  20. I'm a UX designer and a heavy user of Skitch for my job (art direction and changes to web sites) and rely heavily on it for personal and home use, across all my computers, phones and tablets. I, too, miss the 'old' skitch and several of the updates are disappointing.
  21. I used to get Evernote updates for Android that were Beta ONLY, but now, the public versions from Google Play keep overriding the beta updates I used to get. Any tips on how to keep my beta update notifications over the public notices? Thanks in advance!
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