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  1. Yeah I had been doing that, but I have a lot of notebooks, and I thought this might be a automatic and free alternative that keeps the notebook data intact. But if it is difficult restore with those files I may keep doing it the old way, it doesn't take more than five minutes to export my most important notebooks, I just forget to do it.
  2. Hi, Google just launched a new app that replaces Google Drive called 'Backup and Sync'. I just wondered if it is at all useful if you for whatever reason wants a "third" place to keep a copy of the database. I'm not really willing to pay for time machine or an external drive during this time. I just pointed the app toward the Evernote database in the Application Support finder folder. Might this disrupt something or is it a safe way to backup a database?
  3. Thank you! The 'clear all history' didn't occur to me but those instructions did the trick.
  4. I can confirm this. It is after the latest Sierra update (10.12.4) that the Evernote Web clipper simply stops working. As in when clicking on it nothing happens. The other person I heard of was also using a similar (2013ish) MacBook Air but I have no idea if that is relevant. Tried uninstalling the clipper and restarting Safari but it just won't work anymore.
  5. I am now a days asked to log in to the safari Web Clipper everyday. Often several times a day. In the past it has always periodically asked me to log in. guess because safari doesn't save cookies forever (deletes monthly?) but to log several times a day is ridiculous. On the plus side it seems that since the Clippers update it saves my preferences after I've logged in. So it doesn't try to 'smart file' and I don't have to reconfigure it every time. I'm not sure if the increase in being logged out has to do with new Web Clipper or that I've begun using the 'Freedom' app which blocks web access.
  6. Improvement? It's been a while since I got a new version and considered it an improvement. The latest release did not fix the background issue for me but in addition takes away the ability to move note windows to a different desktop when Evernote is used in full screen mode and removes the unified notebook list for Evernote Business. Yes. I've gotten the update as well and the problem is still unaddressed, along with the strange window management. My only workaround is taking the note fullscreen then exiting full screen. Occasionally it will then appear on the intended space. How this would be more intuitive than just dragging it where we wanted is difficult to say. About the background problem. This thread is over two months old. I have posted about it in official threads, people have been seeking support for this going back to Evernote 6.0 as far as I can tell. I find it remarkable that Evernote hasn't even commented on the issue, while still answering queries about even minor bugs which doesn't effect the whole interface, like this does. Evernote, even if you has no idea what we're talking about, please tell us. Did you try to replicate? I have no idea how to reach you since you don't respond in the feedback thread. People here have been posting illustrative pictures, example of how to replicate the bug. This is pretty darn well documented. Should we individually file support tickets? What is the system here? I'm not impatient but I love using Evernote. I rather keep pestering you rather than giving up over something that appears to be so fixable.
  7. Bumping this, has anyone who's gotten 6.2 been seeing any improvement? Waiting for anyone at Evernote to weigh in on this.
  8. This appears to be true. To a point. It doesn't look 'good' as it's more grey than it is supposed to be (there is supposed to be some translucency). But at least it is a stable grey and colours do not seem to leak in randomly when you do this. Cool find!
  9. Hi. Since nobody from Evernote has responded to Paqto's "Background problem" thread I'm going to be that guy and repeat my latest post here where it might be seen. Paqto it seems didn't know what causes the problem or how to obviously replicate the effect but I've found this fairly reliable: 1. Log in to a mac running Yosemite or El Capitan 2. Open Evernote and make it either full-screen - or allow it to have it's own 'desktop space'. 3. Go back to space 1 and have a program selected (like safari, or an app you can tell is selected because its transparent) 4. While that app is in the foreground press ctrl + up arrow key, then ctrl + right arrow key (if Evernote is to the right). You ought now to see Evernote more or less looking like it is supposed to look, with transparency around the notes, not just the sidebar. 5. Press ctrl + down arrow key. If you are able to replicate this bug you'll at this moment see the transparency break or vanish. This is one of the more dependable ways that I can replicate the effect but as in the original post there are other artefacts just during normal use. Is Evernote seeing these artefacts or are we alone?
  10. If the Evernote team or anyone would like to replicate this, I got this working for me: 1. Log in to a mac running Yosemite or El Capitan 2. Open Evernote and make it either full-screen - or allow it to have it's own 'desktop space'. 3. Go back to space 1 and have a program selected (like safari, or an app you can tell is selected because its transparent) 4. While that app is in the foreground press ctrl + up arrow key, then ctrl + right arrow key (if Evernote is to the right). You ought now to see Evernote more or less looking like it is supposed to look, with transparency around the notes, not just the sidebar. 5. Press ctrl + down arrow key. If you are able to replicate this bug you'll at this moment see the transparency break or vanish. This is one of the more dependable ways that I can replicate the effect but as in the original post there are other artefacts just during normal use.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I think El Capitan runs great, even better than Yosemite in fact, so its hard to tell whether 'reduced transparency' makes any difference. And I like the transparency, I just wished that it worked in Evernote, because it does in every other app without problem. Perhaps I'll have to turn off the transparency because it is quite jarring that it only seems to work in random spots in Evernote and switch off when I interact. I do have my wallpapers set to rotate among a selection once a day, I could try switching that off.
  12. Since I'm willing to try everything to solve this problem I did a complete reinstall from nothing of OS X El Capitan, but after downloading Evernote I'm sad to report that the problem still persists. Again, when I switch to Evernote I see all the transparency but when I start interacting the transparency seems to gradually switch off.
  13. I am having this exact problem and been I've having it for a while. I believe SoftwareMarcus said he never heard of it but I know of some that do. I've really tried everything. Deleting Evernote and every Evernote-related file I could find. Getting the direct download version, upgrading to El Capitan, EVERYTHING. It is driving me insane, only Evernote behaves this way.
  14. We have varying degrees of transparency on the other views but I don't see what you're seeing. This looks like an OS or hardware issue. What OS are you running and what is the hardware you're running on. Also are you seeing this on the laptop monitor or another monitor. My point is I don't think this is a universal issue that everyone is seeing. If anyone else is seeing this then please speak up so we can narrow down the issue. Also our transparency is very slight so you won't really be able to see the colors bleed through like you may be asking for. We reduced this because we were seeing some performance issues and some don't like the transparency. Anyway, lets try to narrow down the issue. Thanks for the reply. I am running the mid 2013 Macbook air on Yosemite 10.10.5. I assume it's an Evernote issue since I've never had a problem with transparency in other apps. I know that at least some other person here had the same issue. I believe I read it around the launch of version 6. I've fiddled with turning on / off 'reduce transparency', deleting the app, rebooting, finding and getting rid of all app related folders. While the app is running fine, It's a little maddening since I see Evernote looking like it's supposed to only to become grey as soon as I touch it. I don't have an external monitor but since it only affects the transparency in Evernote I doubt it's an hardware issue. The only option I could think of is a complete OS reinstall, but since El Capitan is right around the corner I'll hold off on that until it is released.
  15. Update: I tried the direct download version, though that has the exact same issues. Does anyone have a solution or comment to this discoloration thing? Does anybody have 'normal' colours in Evernote yet? By that I mean having some sort of transparency outside of the sidebar.
  16. Hi everyone. I'm assuming everyone still has the backround colour blinking in and out randomly as per picture? I really like the evernote look for the split second i get to see the transparency and colour as I switch from another app. Is it on the horizon to fix this? Thanks.
  17. So a little update on the sluggishness I've been experiencing. I updated to 6.03 without any fixing the snappiness issue. Now I deleted the app, emptied trash, went into ~library to delete app support. Rebooted machine, I redownloaded from App store and would you believe my enthusiasm when for the first second or so the app was perfectly smooth and as responsive as Evernote 5.6 was, but then my notes started syncing down and the sluggishness came back. Heartbroken. It seems something's up with my notes. I just don't know what it could be. I try to keep everything neat, often have around 500 notes, no big attachments, just a few pdfs, but mostly just text. I can best describe the issue I am having as "a low framerate" when I scroll the notes in a notebook and when I scroll in the notes themselves. It is still workable but browsing in Evernote used to be as butter smooth as safari, and it's certainly not that for me. Mid 2013 13"MBA Yosemite 10.10.1
  18. I'm going to agree with Lykoz. The new look is far better than what came before. It has elegance and subtlety that the previous version did not. And I would say that is partly due to the elimination of stark contrast and that 'thick' design aesthetic that I hope we won't see again for a long time, if ever. I recently had to look something up on the Macrumours forum and the 'Yosemite looks terrible' rage thread is alive and well, and people are having the same complaints. Contrast, colours, it's alleged effects on 'legibility'. I would say that this is why design in IT has been crude for so long: It is because of this kind of reaction by some users. Now the Apple team knows that both Yosemite and iOS 7 were generally well received, and the fastest adopted by far. They will have the confidence to stand by the design. I hope Evernote will not let forum complaints dictate design. The Evernote users I know have all reacted positively. But if you have 100 million users, some are going to complain. As with any new version there will be issues, and of course they should be addressed, I just hope that it will not be done by compromising the style.
  19. Thanks for the reply, that is good to hear, sort of. That means the problem lies with me. It's not totally unusable. I tried immediately after the 6.0 upgrade to uninstall Evernote (I deleted the App as well as a few folders, so it would resync from the server), but to no avail. I did not, however, follow the uninstall instructions to the letter. I see now that I was supposed to reboot, for example, and there may be more Evernote application support folders that I missed. I'll hold on until the .1 and .2 updates come and see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise I'll try to do a more proper uninstall/reinstall.
  20. I can report the same sluggishness or 'unsmoothness' (on the 2013 MBA) that simply wasn't there in 5.6 . According to the activity monitor it consumes around 100 mb I assume it's a performance bug, but despite repeatedly posting about it I have yet to receive a comment. I hope they have not decided that Evernote is no longer meant for ultraportables. I mean the Macbook Air is a rather popular product, featured in Evernotes own marketing. Is anyone having a smooth performance on their Macbook Air?
  21. We suspect that for some people the indexing takes a really long time. This occurs in the background and is very computer intensive and could lead to slowness. Please try leaving your computer on overnight to allow Evernote to finish indexing. For some it might take a full day to fully finish. After this Evernote will work faster than before. Also there was a customer who rebooted his system after the indexing and that seemed to help. Please keep in mind that most people are not running into this issue because they don't have the specific data that you have or there could be some sort of issue in your data that is causing the indexing to take longer than normal. The forums make it sound like everyone is having the same issues and this is not true because the millions of people who have upgraded with no issues don't have a reason to come to the forums so you don't hear of an alternative view. Please write back to this forum after a few days of indexing to let us know if this did or didn't fix the issue. If it's not the indexing issue then we want to figure out a solution. Hi Marcus, Thanks for the reply. I've been having the issue that scrolling is no longer smooth like it was in 5.7. Do you think that might be an indexing problem? I have around 400 notes, mostly text but some images and pdfs. I don't think it would be that heavy. I'm running on a 2013 MBA, using the App Store version. It doesn't matter if it's a notebook with five notes, it's still a little 'laggy', so I don't think it's the performance of the machine that is the problem. I've tried to delete the Evernote app and the Evernote content in Library so that it had to resync everything from the cloud, it didn't change anything however. Is this a known issue or am I alone in this?
  22. I must have gotten another Evernote update than some of you guys. Mine is completely in line with Yosemite and it's not 'white' at all. Everything except the notes themselves take on the colour of the background due to it's slight translucency. It brings forth the content and It's very restful to my eyes. More so than the previous version in fact, which I considered to be fine if perhaps a bit tacky. You don't have to make Evernote throw a bucket of paint on it, use a desktop wallpaper that has a warmer colour and voila. There's nowhere in my app that is as 'white' and grating as this very page that you're reading now (except the notes, and they where white previously too).
  23. I really hope the design team does not reverse course because of this feedback. I think the team did a great job and it's one of the best looking apps out there. Design by committee is not the answer, so stick with your vision and don't compromise it just to please people who have no business designing apps and don't know good design when they see it.
  24. Shamelessly quoting myself here. Doesn't anyone else have the same slightly chuggy scroll through the notecards now, compared to the previous version?
  25. Gorgeous new app. The only thing is that scrolling through notes is no longer smooth (on the mid-2013 Macbook Air). It's not terrible but it's noticeable. I know the Air is not a workhorse machine, but the way it's slightly 'choppy' even in smaller notebooks with few notes suggest that it might be fixable. I'm running OS X Yosemite
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