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  1. I would think "flags" and "tags" would need to be treated separately. My experience prior to Evernote was OneNote. In OneNote when you would search for "flags" it would have a sidebar which listed the occurrences of the specific "flag". Using "to-do" as an example. If I had the following notes (assume [ ] is a "to-do" "flag"): MyNote1 Some stuff...blah blah [ ] get some sleep [ ] get some coffee Some more stuff ...blah blah MyNote 2 Some stuff ... blah blah [ ] Add flags to Evernote [ ] Add table insert function to evernote on mac ;-) Some more stuff ...blah blah In OneNote, I could search for the "flag" "to-do" and a sidebar would display with just the following: [ ] get some sleep [ ] get some coffee [ ] Add flags to Evernote [ ] Add table insert function to evernote on mac ;-) This is different then displaying the notes that have a "to-do" in them. The OneNote method is a little more handy because you receive custom "views" that just show the "flags" without all of the "blah blah". So, I agree that navigation would be an important part of this. I am not sure what "interior note links" is referring too. Based on the context clues in your reply , there may be some overlap.
  2. I think that tags are not what you''re looking for. Tags are labels that you can apply to notes, and you can apply a tag to more than one note. That model doesn't fit what you seem to be looking for. Maybe named bookmarks is something more applicable; a link to somewhere inside a single note, with a name that can go into a namespace that's searchable/browseable/etc. Granted, how Evernote uses "tags" and how OneNote uses them is very different. But the name is the same, which could lead to the confusion. I like that Evernote allows labels to be applied to notes. That is handy. What I would like is the ability to insert a "tag" on a specific line in a note. So, call it what you want but it is "what I am looking for". -wjb
  3. It may be on the list, but it didn't make the cut for the April release. I guess there were more folks who wanted to share their notes via FB than folks who want the ability to edit tables. Does EN have a documented release schedule? For example, do they provide interim feature releases quarterly and major releases annually? Would a feature request like the table editing fall into an interim release schedule or would we need to wait for a major release? Does the fact that adding table editing for the Mac client would bring the client in line with the Windows and Web client expedite the incorporation of the release or have no bearing? I just want to know when I should check back in for this feature.
  4. Jefito, I know there is no way to do this. I did read AND comprehend your original reply to my message. I was bringing it up again to clarify "tags" vs. "flags" and point out that there is already a "flag-based" example (the To-do list). My hope is that someone at EN picks this up and it finds its way on some execute commit list for an upcoming release.
  5. Or...just use tags. Right now tags are associated with an ENTIRE note. I want to flag individual items/lines/sections WITHIN a note for later searching/sorting. In any given note taking session, I may need to have multiple flags within the note. When I search for a specific flag or set of flags, I want only the lines that have been flagged with the searched flag. I don't want to tag a note as a whole. In most cases that is useless to me (while I know others benefit from the feature, which is fine). Thanks, Bill
  6. Bump. I rethought the terms here. Maybe "Tags" isn't the right term. Maybe "flags" would be better. Basically, I would like to have the ability to flag items/lines in an EN note. This could work in a similar manner as the To-Do check box/attribute. I can use attribute searching to find To-do items (finished/un-finished) and it would be ideal to have more attributes (aka "flags") that I could simply insert into a not and then search for later. I am a consultant and I track numerous projects. It would help my workflow tremendously to have searchable flags within notes. Right now I have to overload the To-do flag or come up with some quirky character string to search on.
  7. I may be missing something, but I have found that tags with Evernote only allows you to tag a note. I was wondering if there is a way to tag an individual line/group of lines/etc. WITHIN a given note. OneNote has the ability to flag items. I also believe that Curio provided this functionality in the trial software I was testing (before picking Evernote). If there is no way to tag something within a note, how does one go about making a feature request to Evernote. Is there a formal process or is it a "squeaky wheel" approach? -wjbuuid
  8. Count me in. On some levels I find Evernote to be quite advanced and savvy. However, on other levels it feels way behind the times. Personally, I would like the ability to: 1. Insert rows/columns in the middle of a table. 2. The ability to copy/paste a row from one area of a table to another (cut/paste) 3. The ability to resize table 4. The ability to paste a groups of cells from a spreadsheet into Evernote as a table 5. The ability to dynamically create a table by hitting from wherever I am ( would start a new row) (This is a shout out to OneNote) I believe that table support is relatively new to the product and, from what I can see, the Evernote team is constantly trying to improve the product. That is way better than I can say for most. If you guys could take the table management out of the rudimentary/basic level that would be handy. -wjbuuid
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