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  1. on one notebook pc i am running 6.25.1 this old version allows me to pick the down caret and select the notebook, AND it remembers the last 3 notebooks i moved things to. i like that.
  2. -- previously it was easier - it remembered the last email address used --and fewer steps to access - i LIKED THAT - there was a direct menu seletion for emailing a note --but now, you have to select send ... then pick email then add the email
  3. I preferred the OLD way of moving a note from one notebook to the other - using the drop down menu (is faster)
  4. i am an 8 yr Evernote PAID user. for 3 years, app is on an iPhone and use desktop windows version. ever since the "new" app update on my iPHONE i have HATE HATE HATE HATE it. i have app version 10.1. my phone is iOS 14.2. on an iPhone 7. i acknowledge my hardware is old. BUT here are the noticeable problems since the v10 app -- SLOW SLOW SLOW to load. i can wait 10-20 seconds for it to load -- using camera to scan paper into evernote. the scanning process is much much much slower. once image is acquired, processing time is 3x what it was before. and the, unless you tap the screen somehing like 2-3x after image is acquired, it will not be uploaded and synced. so i took a scan, and then 30 min later it was still not on my desktop. i went back to the phone and had to hit the CHECK mark again to sync -SLOW SLOW. OMG i'm get more gray hair waiting for program to load. i am finding myself using the app much less than before -- i often use voice dictation with Siri in my notes. there were many times where all of my text was being duplicated in the note. that seems to have stopped now. --there are more but this is what i can think of at the moment --these are my major issues for now. i do not monitor the discussion form, but i wanted to relay my displeasure. i have no intention of recommending evernote to anyone until the app is improved.
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