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  1. Same for me. Been a customer for nearly a decade and this is new. I do not want to have to Simplify Formatting before every copy and paste!
  2. It would be amazing if there were a search option for content in titles. Content is much too broad and way too many notes come up when I search for something that has the word in the title. It would be SO helpful to be able to narrow the search to titles alone. What's more, I suspect there are other folks like myself who do not have the time to tag notes and instead have a practice of creating titles with possible search words for the note. It is good to be able to bring up every note that mentions a word, but also necessary to just pull up the relevant ones.
  3. Yes it was better than nothing! I would also like to see search in Titles specifically as that is where I put my search terms. Who bothers to tag?
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