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  1. Title says it all: even if Evernote support says they were not happy with how it worked (well, me neither:-), it was still good to have it. Quite often it clicked and was ready to use. And it was very easy to override it with my own note title. Because of that I do not quite see the reason why to discontinue it - it was not mandatory, it was just an option - sometimes very handy. Please, see the discussion I had with the support: Ava H (Evernote Help and Learning) Feb 22, 12:06 PST Hello Ros, Thank you so much for contacting Evernote Customer Support. My name is Ava, and I will be happy to help you today. I understand that you were looking to enable suggested note titles in Evernote for your iPhone. This feature was removed with the most recent update because it wasn't quite working the way that we preferred. We decided to give you more control over how to title your notes, rather than using an algorithm to suggest note titles based on location, calendar event, or note content. Evernote's development team remains small and we wanted to concentrate more on our core values in order to provide you with the best note taking experience possible. I understand that the updates do take a little bit of an adjustment period but, we truly believe that they offer the most intuitive user experience on our iOS application to date. I will make sure to mark this on my end with your ticket but I'd also encourage you to post this on our Evernote User Forum, where you and other users can suggest new feature ideas, and vote for them. While we can't guarantee all feature requests or design ideas will be implemented, our development team regularly reviews product feedback submitted through the Evernote User Forum. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Ava H Rostislav Říha Feb 13, 07:25 PST %subj% says it all - on the latest version automatic note title suggestions do not appear. Is it some setting (where?) or was this feature discontinued? Thanks Ros
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