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  1. Use TheBrain (www.thebrain.com). There you can link every thought with another. The biggest Brain has over 300.000 thoughts and it still works fine and fast. In the coming new Version 9 is an intern browser where you can see the linked Evernote note and, and, and...
  2. We have colored tags on Windows at the left hand panel, but not elsewhere. It would be really helpful to have colored tags on every place and on every platform, or??!! Visual thinking people say Thank You!
  3. Perhaps you have a look at TheBrain (www.thebrain.com)?
  4. Now we have colored tags in the Windows version, with the tag list. It would be great to see those colred tags in the details of the notes and in the mobile Apps. For visual people a great enhancement!
  5. For visual oriented people may be TheBrain (www.thebrain.com) a way to organize all digital informations...
  6. If I make my SD Card as a part of my internal memory, can I save Evernote notes at this place? Using HTC 10...
  7. Perhaps you combine for structured notes and data Transpose (www.transpose.com) mit Evernote. More informations: https://appcenter.evernote.com/de/app/transpose/web-apps http://help.transpose.com/Connected-Apps-and-Services/connect-other-apps-and-services
  8. I pinned the Desktop version of Evernote on my taskbar of my Windows 8.1-PC. When I start Evernote it opens a second program icon of Evernote. Why??
  9. When I rightclick over the EN-icon on the task bar in the german version there are still english words like New note, Find note, Clip screenshot, Paste clipboard and Sync. Please translate it.
  10. Web links are working on both sides, but I want to create an EN link to Desktop/Android on my Android device.
  11. In Windows Evernote, when I make a right-click on a note, I can create a copy of an Evernote-link to this note. Why is this not in this way: Copy Evernote-link to 1. Desktop 2. Web 3. Desktop and Web (in two different lines)
  12. In the Windows version I can create a note link to the Desktop or the Web version. When I open the Desktop link on my Android device, the note opens on Evernote for Android. That is great, but now my question: How can I create such a link on Android? I found only a way to create a link to the Web version... :-(?
  13. Every day when I want to see the newest content of this Evernote forum I have to sign in again and then second click "View new content". Is there no way or url that I can this automatically when I opened the forums page?
  14. Do you see a preview of the S-Note in Evernote like you can with PDF-files?
  15. It would be interesting for me, how it works with S-Note und Evernote with the new Galaxy Note 3... Syncing? Make changes after sync??
  16. Where is the Dolphin Webclipper for Android? If I want to download Dolphin Evernote Add-on, there Comes a message "Element not found. Try again." Same result if I search from Google Chrome browser??? What can I do?
  17. New year, new question: Wer is the german Forum? What are your plans? What is so complicated?
  18. @dallonc, what experiences did you make with Mindomo?
  19. @Karol_1978: Looks great! For which mobile devices will it give www.everdo.it? Are you prepared for international version from the beginning?
  20. How looks the list view on an Android Smartphone or Tablet PC?
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