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  1. I agree with you, they need our data to run their business I guess. Otherwise I just can't understand why they won't enable a real and secure alternative for those notes that we consider are highly sensitive. A couple of months ago I decided to give up on them and moved over to DevonThink Pro Office and rendered my use of Evernote for useless webclips I come across while searching online for stuff. I must say this movement is causing me real trouble because I have information spread in two platforms and I guess I will little by little move away from Evernote totally, as it is quite a PITA m
  2. do you use bluetooth on your Jot Script? That should improve palm rejection results a lot... at least it does in my case, but I've decided to drop Penultimate in favor of Noteshelf, as the user experience is far better. Regards
  3. I think you are misusing the world "sync", right? you can export stuff from Noteshelf into Evernote, but I wouldn't call this "sync" but rather export. Penultimate does do full sync with Evernote. I've been a frustrated Penultimate + Jot Script for weeks, and a couple of days ago I decided I would give Noteshelf a try... I'm extremely enthusiastic about Noteshelf right now. The user experience is magnificent, though there are a few features, UI and Usability aspects that I would really love to see solved. As per Jot Script automatically shutting off, I contacted Adonit last week (I had no
  4. I also lost notes and contacted Evernote support. By checking note history I found out that a previous version contained all attachments and the present version was empty for some reason. Support told me to contacted them again in case it happened again, and they also confirmed they had been able to reproduce the case.
  5. Well, I guess that's the major drawback of not being a native speaker... I must say though that I specifically made a reference to Evernote network being accessed as per Max10000's post, which stirred up older fears. Anyway, the main problem described in this thread is about attachments gone missing and I've also been affected by it. Whether or not the two things are connected is a question that only the Evernote personnel can confirm but I don't expect they will do.
  6. I've also had note attachments missing. As much as I love Evernote, I can't believe why on earth they haven't implemented full encryption yet. Now and then we learn their network has been accessed, and they still have not adopted full encryption. I wonder why that is. Has this issue been solved by them?
  7. I guess I'm not sure what you're asking for. Hi, I'm interested in running my own Nevernote Linux server with all my notes. I know this is not what nevernote does currently, that's why I asked if you ever plan to release a holistic product rather than "just" a client (don't get me wrong with "just"). I know that the added value of Evernote kicks in when the notes reach their servers, but that's just software in the end, isnt it? I love Evernote, it's just that I worry about my personal information. It worries me that Evernote state "don't put into Evernote what you wouldn't put in your ema
  8. I don't know if it helps much, but the 0.99 release I pushed out yesterday should have some performance improvements. For me, the improvements when switching notebooks & tags was very noticeable over earlier versions. In addition, you can either not synchronize some notebooks or you can close them. Both should help performance some. Any chance you could release a nevernote server version for Linux? I would be happy if I could move all my ever ore notes over to my Linux NAS server.
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