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  1. Absolutely. The thinking is that you make your idea tangible - in an Evernote note. Then, as you encounter new information that's relevant to that topic, you add it to your note. Also, as you return to it during the next week, your brain's power of association takes over as you read what you've captured there - which often spurs additional insights.
  2. If you are a knowledge worker or a creative person, ideas are the lifeblood of your day-to-day work. Your ability to manage them efficiently is critically important. That’s why you need to take great care in selecting the tools you will use to generate, capture and manage them. here are 10 reasons why I believe Evernote should be the cornerstone of your creative work system: http://chuckfrey.com/evernote-creativity/
  3. Good day! I am now in the final stages of writing an enhanced eGuide that outlines a process and strategies for using Evernote to brainstorm, organize, evaluate and take action on your best ideas. But I want to make sure it meets your needs and provides a LOT of value to you. What do you need to know about how using Evernote as your creative companion?
  4. One powerful way to keep your network relationships strong is to look for ways to pay value to these key people on a regular basis. A simple way to do that is to set up dossiers for them in Evernote. Read more about how to set up your "personal CRM" system in Evernote here: http://upyourimpact.com/use-evernote-to-manage-your-network/ Chuck Frey Author Up Your Impact: 52 Innovative Strategies to Add Value to Your Work http://upyourimpact.com @upyourimpact
  5. What if Leonardo da Vinci was alive today and he had access to a powerful tool like Evernote. How would he use it? http://upyourimpact.com/how-would-leonardo-da-vinci-use-evernote/ Da Vinci, one of the world’s most brilliant artists, inventors and explorers, was also one of history’s most prolific note takers. He carried a notebook everywhere with him to record his ideas, impressions and observations in words and elaborate drawings. My gut feeling, based on what is known about da Vinci’s passion for learning and exploration, is that he would embrace Evernote’s many capabilities to fully to capture, enhance and bring even more of his remarkable ideas to fruition.
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