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  1. +1 for reverting this functionality or giving us a way to change our preferences.
  2. Ok, since we're off-topic now and in the spirit of constructive feedback... #1. The wording, "as time permits" is far too indefinite and non-committal. A better response would be "it may take up to 3-4 business days" (or whatever it is) to receive a reply to your request. This gives the user at least some light at the end of the tunnel and doesn't make them feel like they are the last priority in a company's day. Note, they are still a supporter of your product. #2. Don't start out by turning a support case into a sales pitch. No other service that I know of spends the entire "above the fold" section of a support reply plugging their premium service. Is it really an ideal time to ask someone to buy something when they're having a problem with your product? Better to address this further down in the email and perhaps a bit less prominently. Might I suggest an "*" and footnote after the initial "it may take up to 3-4 business days" (as I suggested above). #3. Making someone refile a support case, especially when it's possible that they attached logs from within the application (which an end user has no easy way of getting on their own after the fact) is less than ideal. A much better system would be to have a way to promote a ticket, some form where you could, as a premium member, reference your "non-premium" support case number.
  3. I'm glad you edited this from the slightly harsher response I saw come through email. I wasn't trying to start something and yes, given that I posted "the actual verbiage" I'd hardly classify this as intentional "misrepresentation" (I was pretty sure that at least a bit of sarcasm was evident in the original post)..... and no, I don't expect a reply "within an hour". Anyways - we can all move along now... nothing to see here... smile and wave...
  4. I exaggerated a bit.. it actually says: ...and being an engineer myself, "as time permits" is often a long way out... @spg Scott -- thanks!
  5. I filed a support ticket (ticket #16051-86604) within the app for this, but got back a response about how I may never hear back from support because I'm not a premium member... so I'm mentioning this here... If you start a new note via the "new note" button when you first launch the app, you get the old audio note mic button: If however, you launched a new note from the "light bulb" menu and select the "speech to text" option, you get a new note with the new audio note mic button: ...and yes, the function differently.
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