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  1. For a while now, all my notes have been functionally inaccessible in my Mac desktop app. They show up with bizarrely huge icons that obviously represent some underlying code. The title shows up in a tiny little box in small Courier font. Text is stored in odd little orange-outlined boxes. Nothing is editable once created. This happens with existing notes as well as new notes. Screenshot attached for what happens when I create a new note. The notes are still readable on the mobile app but nothing works on desktop. It's been months. It's not just a problem with Big Sur - I was running Mojave
  2. I have the same problem - can't edit notes. Black update dialog boxes. Also, the notes show up with ludicrous formatting that can't be edited - bizarrely huge icons that mean nothing, weird little text box at the top for the title (and as you said, uneditable text). Is anybody getting any response from Evernote on these topics? If so please weigh in.
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