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  1. I've got thousands of notes in Evernote. Years of data that I've collected. It's frustrating when you pay a company for years, for their services, and have so many notes it's almost impossible to easily move them to someplace else and keep your organization, that they break what some consider a huge feature. Not everyone will consider it important; everyone finds different pieces of Evernote important for their way of capturing things. For me, this makes me a sad panda.
  2. What do you mean "play nice"? They didn't change their hardware or software. It's been the same for years. Evernote broke support, not Samsung or Google. The S Pen "plays nice" with other cross-platform apps, such as OneNote. Evernote made the decision to use Chrome and break an existing feature vs using a different framework/component in order to try and continue supporting a feature some of their customers depend on. It's not fair to blame Google or Samsung for a feature that has not changed in years, and worked in an existing app, yet the existing app chose to use a different tech. As a developer, I understand the desire to make an app that runs cross-platform with as much code sharing as possible. Easier to maintain, faster across-the-board updates for your users etc. that having been said, Chrome is not the only thing out there that could have been used.
  3. You guys made the decision to move to Chrome for your new editor, not Google or Samsung. Crippling a major workflow for users in this fashion and telling people it's up to Google to support it is meh. Google didn't break it, it was your choice. Between this, the new device limits and other annoying issues, it looks like it's time to just move over to OneNote finally. Sigh.
  4. I haven't had any issues with it as well. Scanner Pro has worked really well for me.
  5. Doesn't that defeat the whole point of having a "Created" date? I shouldn't have to do that, the Evernote note should be doing that for me. Also, I saw that search syntax and tried it. What I want to do is "Created:2011" and receive all notes created in 2011. Note every note created after 2011, which is what I get. The ability to combine date searches would fix my problem, but when I combine two searches to give me a date range, the 2nd date is ignored. "Created:20110101 Created:-20120101" does not seem to work. After using Evernote for several years, it becomes apparent that a need to search for notes created in a specific year is required. How can I remember what exact date the note was created on? If I want a note from the summer of 2011, I have to search "Created:20110301" and then cruise all of the notes since then, which would include notes from 2012 and 2013. I just want to search for a specific year.
  6. I should also note that searching by date using the supported syntax is a bit off as well. When I enter "Created:day-30" I get every note for the last 30 days. Not all of the notes that were created 30 days ago. If I wanted to see all of the notes for the last 30 days, I would just scroll through them or search for content and scroll through the notes. using this "created:20110101 created:-20111231" does not return a list of notes between the two dates either. Instead just the first date query is used and the 2nd is ignored. I get every note since 01/01/2011.
  7. I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with Evernote's "powerful search capabilities". It appears that I can not perform a search like "Created: 2011" and just get all of the notes within a selected notebook for 2011. Instead I have to pick "Before One Year Ago" which ends up l lumping all of my 2012, 2011 and 2010 notes together. I tried to do a search like "Created before: 20111231 Created after 20110101" and that syntax doesn't seem to work either. It kind of sucks to limit searches by chunks of time like "everything before or after one year/day/month ago". When you have several thousand notes, it can be a pretty hefty pain to dig through all of the notes when it should be pretty simple.
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