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  1. Currently (and for many years) when you change the date of a reminder, Evernote sets the time to 8:00AM, and ignores the time already set in the reminder.
  2. The "+ New Note" button takes up a lot of space on the sidebar. It would be nice to be able to remove it like other sidebar options such as "Trash". 2020-09-09
  3. Agree with most of the comments here. For me, Evernote is a *Personal* Information Management tool. I don't want sharing features more exposed in the interface. The new Share button is not useful for me personally. And now there is another click to perform a function like setting a Reminder.
  4. Agreed. Who needs a New Note option on the sidebar? Also the spacing of the new icon is large, as is the new spacing above the Trash icon in the sidebar too.
  5. My setup is different with notebooks and shortcuts and the icons take up more space. I'm just one data point that is asking for icons on/off to be a preference to or make them smaller.
  6. The icons in the sidebar are large and take up too much space. I think with the indented nature of the Notes, Notebook and Trash lets us see them clearly and already implies hierarchy so why waste the vertical space? At least make them smaller, so they're the size of the type. Thanks!
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