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  1. I am using s combination of evernote and pearnote to take lecture notes is my college courses. There are 2 things that I need evernote to do better. 1) outlining capabilities 2) an ability to set the line spacing. For example the text in this forum is well spaced and easy to read. The same text in evernote has the lines placed closer together and makes it hard to read. This is something that Pearnote does very well even with its limited text editing capabilities.
  2. Ok, so I developed a workaround for the Mac. I created a folder named "ScanSnap Dump" and then created an Automator Script that deleted the files as they are created in the dump. This does not stop them from being saved to Evernote.
  3. BUMP I am having the same problem. Aside from creating a folder that I clear out on a regular basis I have not found a solution. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, CO
  4. Hi All - I have been using Evernote for a while but I just got my first Android phone this morning. I really want to take advantage of the widget but I also want to use offline notebooks. Is there any way to have the application on the phone store its data on the SD card or is this how it already works?
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