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  1. Excellent. Thank you Mike. That solves the problem completely. 👍
  2. I've downloaded V6.25 today and it is a welcome return to familiar territory. That you and others are choosing it rather than V10 for now is positive news. I'll stick with it and see how things go. I use Scanner Pro and import into Evernote. I used to use the Evernote scanner / camera function and will make sure I give it a try from time to time to see how it compares. I've been really impressed with the quality of Scanner Pro though. It's definitely improved things for me. Thanks. 😉 Good to know. I will keep the faith.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm a newby contributor, apologies for any inconsistencies/poorly written notes.. > ... Or use the Legacy version? I'm not keen on using the legacy version if it's unsupported. I've just downlaoded it and will stick with it for now, but don't see it as a long term solution, and as I continue to add documents and notes, I'm mindful that this just deepens my investment in the EN ecosystem. > ..Outlook.. Just being an idiot. I meant OneNote.
  4. Just adding my voice. "Save attachments" is a critical feature for me, that I have used throughout my time with Evernote (5 years now). I will have to reconsider how I work with the app. if anyone knows how Outlook deals with the process of scanning documents and easily extracting them as image or PDF files, I'd be interested to hear more. Will do some reading myself when time allows..
  5. Adding my voice to this list. A really useful feature that I have valued up until now and view as 'part of the package'. Would be great if this could be elevated to Evernote for consideration in future updates.
  6. Thanks PinkElephant, good advice. Quick feedback (a little late admittedly!): I'm now a fan of ScannerPro, using it for all my scanning - to Evernote and email (Outlook for work) from my iPhone. The interface to Evernote is seamless and it's a big improvement on my previous experiences (mostly trying to use the Evernote scan options). Favourite thing in ScannerPro: being able to scan at x2 zoom, which helps to eliminate shadow cast by the phone and results in a really clear scan almost every time.
  7. Thanks. May I ask which Scanner Pro? I've found two on Appstore: Scanner Pro: PDFscsanner app, £3.99, by Readdle and Scanner Pro: PDF document Scan, free app, by iScanner
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