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  1. I currently am using an Android Note 10+ so Scanner Pro not an option. I loved Scannable as it created new notes in Evernote so easily, used it to scan all my bills and stuff in so easily. Maybe Scanner Pro would work in the iPad? I may switch to iPhone when the new one is announced, waiting to see if they make the ridiculous notch smaller first.
  2. Hi, I am running Evernote Scannable v2.4 (1529) and Evernote iOS v10.0.2. Trying to use either to capture any documents on my iPad Pro (IOS v14.2) is just awful. The image on screen keeps freezing and getting it to take a picture of the document takes forever. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? I've tried removing the application and re-installing etc, made no difference at all. Thanks in advance
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