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  1. I'm getting the self-same nag messages, and I am also using a legacy "Plus" account - You can hide the messages, and they pop back after a week or so - I totally expect nag messages on free software, however on a service I'm paying for, not so. I appreciate I'm getting a grandfathered subscription rate, however as a (very) long term subscriber, I'd expect a little grace and respect to not be nagged for something I've paid for since the launch of Evernote - I love Evernote, however these little flaws and regular lapses in quality and features triggers me to search for "Alternatives to Evernote" ever few months or so. It would be good for Evernote to give us the option, as paying customers to switch these suggested upgrade prompts off, permanently - I know what I'm "missing" from my subscription, and once that killer "add" comes to Premium, as opposed to features I once enjoyed in Plus eroded into the Premium tier, then you will earn my increased revenue stream, and until then, let us kill these annoyances off, once and for all, please & thank you!
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