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  1. @dlu I'd vote for the notebook column. The font's small & they are crowded together. Separating things is difficult. I've got old eyes too. Regards, Gary
  2. I'll pile on a bit. - The note title should be visible. Really. - Some contrast to the functional areas of the app are really helpful. - Use some color to help distinguish between notebook types. Icons work too. - I get the concept of clean, but some color is not illegal. If I wanted a Mac, I'd buy one. I have used it a lot since it was released. The thing that stands out the most is the blinding whiteness. I may have to go Hollywood, shades in the office. I'm in this for the long haul, not threatening to bail on the app, just bitching. Regards, Gary
  3. The only way I see to do this: - Name & save the document to somewhere that you can navigate to. - Maneuver there with a file manager app - Share to a new note in Evernote I can't speak for Evernote, but I think you have to buy the app, just like any non-free app in the trunk. Regards, Gary
  4. @dlu It's pretty good. I won't claim to be a fan of the flat design flavor of the month, but it works with the exception of the scroll bars. They are a good bit more difficult to grab than the standard ones. A bit too narrow. Also, I'm pretty slow, but I can not figure out how to set the sort order of the notes. *Edit* Never mind I found it, but it's a little removed for easy access. Perhaps these type things could be addressed by adding more options to customizing the toolbar. Regards, Gary
  5. The Access History concerned me at first. This was shortly after the password reset adventure. I contacted Evernote(support) because there were some odd geographic references(Florida, I live in Tennessee). The response explained that the mobile phone geography references can be strange. AT&T's frequently shows different areas of the country. I just added this as additional information. Regards, Gary
  6. @BnF I believe you are correct. The reason for the little spiel about the differences between "Shift" and "CTRL" clicking is that the references to reverse chronological order led me to believe that "Shift" was being used. Thus the display order was the determinant. Regards, Gary
  7. @juwlz, If they are merging in reverse chronological order, it's probably because you are displaying them in that order. Change the display to chronological order, and they will merge that way. Also, I'll risk being laughed at, but in Windows: 1. Click... Shift-Click selects all the notes between the first and last click(inclusive). 2. Click... CTRL-Click selects any two notes(not including what's between them) and you can continue to CTRL-Click to add even more. The merge will be according to display order for 1, in Click order for 2. Regards, Gary
  8. You will be glad you did. I only use the web versions in emergencies. Regards, Gary
  9. You need to open the picture in a completely separate program. One that permits image manipulation(Paint, Picasa, Photoshop, etc.), then save it back to evernote. Evernote does not modify images, with the exception of rotation, as BnF said. Regards, Gary
  10. My business partner & I both use VMWare. On Windows for me, OSX for him. I believe he considers it superior to Parallels. We are using it to create instances of Windows XP. Haven't tried instance of OSX. It's better than Parallels, but not even close to cheap. Regards, Gary
  11. _GO, My English is not very good either, unfortunately it's my native language. I believe that when you search for a character string, EN starts at the beginning of a character string(word) for the comparison. The spaces in the second example permit it to successfully find the string. It's at the beginning of a new string. The first example puts the character in the middle, the search gives up before it even gets the the desired characters. Someone please correct me if this is wrong. Regards, Gary
  12. gaz, Been there, done that. This does not always work, but if the laptop is running without the extra screen, it's worth a try. With Evernote running, but not visible, use the task manager(Alt+Tab) to select Evernote. I admit the next part is hazy. Alt + space bar + arrow keys will permit you to move the window into view. Sorry I can't be more specific, but the memory fuzzy. Regards, Gary
  13. C6REW, Perhaps Pete's doing something like this, full path to the file with it's name included. Regards, Gary
  14. Not sure I have much to add, but perhaps a default has been set. If a specific app is opening when you try to view a pdf: Settings ~ Apps ~ "App that's launching" ~ clear "Launch by Default" Regards, Gary
  15. I have the same thing happening. It started sometime in the last few betas. When opening EN on either the phone or tablet, if the sync interval has expired, I get "Last sync failed" every time. Auto sync is set to on. I've been riding it out because starting the sync manually always works. Guess I assume it will be fixed eventually. Galaxy Nexus, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2 Nexus 7, EN 5.1 beta 3, Android 4.2.2 Regards, Gary
  16. It already does this on my phone. As soon as I save ###-###-####, or even ##-##-####, it is underlined & blue, a phone link. Tapping it brings up the dialer with the field already entered. The tel: isn't necessary, neither is declaring it a link. This was discussed a while back. This has been the case for both my Android phones, but not for other users. The difference might not be Evernote, but the phone brand. Both mine have been branded "Nexus", Plain Jane Android. It's possible that it's native to Android, but altered for the various over-lays that the manufacturers install. I'm glad there is a way to accomplish it on the other phones. Regards, Gary
  17. @slowik, There is an Evernote widget that can be placed on a launcher screen. The type of note is specified after you place the widget, text, photo, etc. For text, the note pops up in edit mode, enter the text & check done. That's as quick as I know how to do it. Regards, Gary
  18. I'm probably missing something here, but if I use ctrl+alt+N the new note window pops up with the cursor in the note body. If I type something & hit "esc", the window disappears & the note is stored in EN. Regards, Gary
  19. gaz, I just tried it. It saves the whole page along with the URL. URL is entered in the note as if doing it from Windows. There does not appear to be a way to crop the clipping, but it works. It seems to work with any browser, it's an addition to the share options. It is sending the clip via the web. Only mention this because it's useful with other things, Pocket for example. It won't clip if it can't connect. It does work though, I've been looking for something like this. Regards, Gary
  20. Sophia, drummonds, I believe xdelplanque is trying to say it's on the list to be addressed. They are working on it. There is no resolution date attached. Regards, Gary
  21. @jwalter007, It uses it's own software. It can be directed to deposit the scan a number of places. But it's a bit of a hassle to change it frequently. For your use, probably send to a folder, with close proximity to an Evernote import folder. Sort the scans from the receiving folder to the appropriate folder, or the import folder. Regards, Gary
  22. @Imrapp I'll take a stab at it. The concept is reasonable, but I haven't tried it. - Install Evernote on the new laptop - Sync, then turn off the sync - Make a copy of the Evernote database from the old laptop, the location can be found by ~ Tools ~ Options ~ General tab - Transfer the database to the new machine - Replace the database from the "New" with the database from the "Old" - Re-enable sync on the new laptop If anyone has any corrections to my guess, please do so. Regards, Gary
  23. @mrossk, I don't have a solution, but it seems to be an extension of the handling of white space in android. White space that is used in windows to format the note, tabs are an example, are frequently removed if the note is opened to edit in android. Regards, Gary
  24. They are also pretty easy to accidentally create. Any tremor while selecting a notebook can toss it onto another, thus a stack. Regards, Gary
  25. @deanouellette, I have to believe he will loose the notes. Perhaps he can share them out to another app, perhaps email them. Regards, Gary
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