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  1. I completed it. It asks how important various features are to you. Towards the end they concentrate on levels of membership. They seem to contemplating 3 levels instead of 2. Basic(free), the "I can't remember the name" level($25/yr), & Pro($50/yr). That's the best my failing memory can recall. The intermediate level was pretty feature filled. Intermediate had 1 gig upload, Pro was unlimited. Regards, Gary
  2. @limNH, I had to use "Manage Context Sources..." in the same menu to turn off all the sources. Regards, Gary
  3. This happens to me occasionally. I don't have any stacks, but moving a note from one notebook to another notebook crashes the program. Doesn't occur enough to be sure, but appears to happen with newly created notes. You can start it back up, and the note was successfully moved. Regards, Gary Windows 7, 64 bit Evernote 5.7.2 public
  4. The location on my phone is: \Internal storage\Android\data\com.evernote\files\user-*****\notes\ It would be useful for back-up, but not much else. I have a lot of notes designated for off line. I have a zillion sub-folders with sub- folders. Gary Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4
  5. The new note button does not expand to offer the various types of notes. It used to, but no longer. It simply opens a new text note immediately. Note types can be accessed from inside the new note. I don't believe I have any settings that could cause this. Regards, Gary Nexus 5EN: 6.0 publicAndroid: 4.4.4 *** edit *** My apologies. Tapping on the plus opens a text note. Tap and hold presents the options. I believe this to be a change.
  6. In the past, text notes that had been formatted using spaces, were stripped of all but 1 space in each sequence, when edited on an Android phone. I have not noticed it lately, so I decided to test it. Seems to have been fixed. Gary
  7. Since the thread is still alive... In addition to width & contrast, there is another departure from the standard Windows UI. If the note is very long, click & hold just below the Up arrow does not zoom up to the top. It moves up 1 frame. Normally a click moves 1 frame & click-hold zooms. Zoom is useful. Gary
  8. I've been wondering this for sometime. I have no explanation other than "Form over Function" to win design awards. It's sad. Gary
  9. Isn't the local notebook included in the .exb file? If so, it might be easier to just sneaker net it over to the new machine. Gary
  10. I believe the closest you can get is to create a note and save a short cut to the home screen. That presents the note with 1 click. Regards, Gary
  11. I have no idea whether there is a maximum number of the notes that can be emptied from the trash at one time. It is higher than 100. I have done over 400 more than once. I merge a lot. Gary
  12. @ISA, The note has to be open & in "edit" mode. Undo is reached in the lower right of the screen with the formatting choices. It is unavailable once you have checked "Done". I'm using betas, so I don't know about other versions. Gary
  13. Is Android set to Korean, or is it just Evernote? @Gaz - I'm not sure what the "Country" setting in Evernote does. I assumed it had to do with servers due to it's location on the menu. Gary *edit* I just changed the setting in Evernote. It did not appear to change the language in any part of Evernote.
  14. I don't believe there is a way to append an existing note without touching the phone. You can do it the way Gaz suggests( new note), or from the main screen say "OK Google, note to self"( new note), or click edit and tap the microphone on the keyboard then dictate into an existing note. Gary * edit* I left out that there is a widget that can be configured for speech-to-text and place on a home page. This is what I used before Google Now.
  15. I didn't try to store the executable. When I Drag a shortcut off of the desktop, it runs immediately. Gary
  16. ~SahilC Not if , as Gaz pointed out, you ever select "Always". That will now be your default. You can access the app in "Settings" to remove associations. This will restore the selection box. Gary
  17. @jogi By client, BurgersNFries means, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. In the Windows desktop client, the "undo" is located under the "Edit" menu choice at the top left. Gary
  18. It's interpreting E:) as a link. I have no idea why, perhaps a bug? Regards, Gary
  19. I'm using the desktop client. The low contrast can make them difficult to find, & the width difficult to click. Not impossible, I'm using it, just annoying. Regards, Gary
  20. The clipper destination that I specify in tools/options/clipping does not hold. If I specify a notebook, it loses the designation quite easily. It defaults to the notebook that you are currently in. Windows 7 Evernote Regards, Gary
  21. @Vulcanbomber No, it's been there for a while. The format of the number seems to matter. Regards, Gary
  22. sunparrot, I don't know your operating system. On Windows, I simply drag the file to a target note. It is added as an attachment. This means it's not view-able within Evernote. Clicking on the icon for the attachment opens it in the appropriate program. Therefore the machine has to have that software available.This is true for a variety of file types. Regards, Gary
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