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  1. In Chrome, you simply use the "Print" command from the Chrome menu(upper right corner). Regards, Gary
  2. @Grizzy44, Both options are Android oriented, not Evernote. To open occasionally from another app, I believe you will have to launch the reader app, then navigate to the pdf from with-in it. To change default programs: ~ access the "Settings" option ~ choose "Apps" ~ choose the default program, Adobe Reader in this instance ~ choose "Clear defaults" Next time you tap on a file to open it, Android for a one time or default app before it opens it. Regards, Gary
  3. @Bartman001 I'm not sure the carrier is the issue. I have had 2 phones with evernote installed that did bring up the dialer, but both were Nexus phones that are unlocked and not configured by the carrier. I'd bet on the XXX-XXX-XXXX format. Regards, Gary
  4. Gazumped, My old phone only had 8 gigs of storage, but a 32 gig SD card. I had ~ 20 gigs of stuff on it, with 4 gigs left on the internal. Must have put something on the external SD. Regards, Gary
  5. There is an app, something like "Apps to SD" that helps. I had it on my last phone. Once installed, it lists the apps it can move, program data and all. Some programs are untouchable. Regards, Gary
  6. Works for me also. The dialer pops-up with the number entered, then you have to press dial. Samsung Galaxy Nexus android 4.1.1 EN 4.1 public Regards, Gary
  7. +1 I'm sorry, that link is just funny.
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